For details about our Physical Education program, visit our P.E. page or view our P.E. Handbook.  

Information regarding specific sports teams (including try out dates and practices) can be found in our weekly What's Up At Wilma.


Extracurricular SportsSeason of Play
*Subject to change
Cross Country RunningSep. 5 - Oct. 8
Soccer  (Boys & Girls)Sep. 5 – Nov. 5
Volleyball  (Jr. Boys, Sr. Boys, Jr. Girls, Sr. Girls)Sep. 18 – Nov. 26
Wrestling  (Boys & Girls)Nov. 13 – Jan. 26
Basketball (Jr. Boys, Sr. Boys, Jr. Girls, Sr. Girls)Jan. 8 – Mar. 25
Badminton  (Jr, Int, Sr Boys and Girls Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles)Apr. 3 – May 13
Track & Field  (Boys & Girls)Apr. 4 – May 31

Athletics Program Information

There will be a nominal fee for playing on athletic teams. The price will vary depending on the sport. Fee's covers expenses as referees; transportation for some events; uniform use; tournament fee's, etc...

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