Physical Education

General Outcomes Our P.E. Program

A - Activity
B - Benefits Health
C - Cooperation
D - Do it Daily… for life!

P.E. Activities

  • Fitness – Circuit training, fitness awareness, weight training, aerobics, sports medicine and fitness testing
  • Outdoor Activities – Soccer, flag football and rugby, softball, track and field, lacrosse, animal game, ultimate, ball hockey, and low organized games
  • Team Sports (indoor) – Volleyball, basketball, team handball, lacrosse, floor hockey
  • Dance – Social dance, line dance, etc.
  • Individual Sports – Badminton, cross country running, combative games, table tennis, archery, orienteering

P.E. Clothing Requirements

All students must change for P.E. classes (this is mandatory).

Appropriate dress is:

  • school T-shirt or designated T-shirt
  • school shorts or designated shorts
  • school sweat pants and hoodie or designated ones
  • athletic socks and shoes (Laced up running shoes)

The P.E. Dept. sells the following:

  • school T-shirt (crested) $7
  • school shorts (for P.E. and team use) $13

P.E. clothing can only be purchased from the P.E. department and may be purchased anytime throughout the year. Hoodies and sweatpants may be ordered later in the year. Changing for class is mandatory and parental support is encouraged. Any student who participates on a school team is expected to wear the school shorts and/or shirt.

Attendance and Participation

Regular attendance and participation is expected.  

Exemption from P.E. classes

Long Term Exemption
If a student is to be exempted from class for 1 week or longer then a doctor’s note is required. Alternate work will be assigned to complete marks for that reporting period.

Short Term Exemption
A note from home is to be brought to your teacher explaining what the problem is. Then the teacher will arrange/explain what part of the class you can participate in and whether you should change or not. 

Note: Students are expected to participate in some capacity.

Changing Times

A maximum of five (5) minutes will be allowed at the beginning and the end of each class. 

P.E. Evaluation

Each term will be evaluated on the following stems:

  1. Performs and refines movement skills.
  2. Cooperates to demonstrate fair play and teamwork.
  3. Explores and applies strategies for leading a healthy active way of life.

P.E. Staff

Mr. MacDonald

Mr. Manzer

Mr. Harding

Mr. Wilson

Ms. Wood-Garvey

Ms. Marklinger

Ms. Flanigan

Students are always expected to participate and do their personal best.

The P.E. team will accept nothing less than your best.

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