Behaviour Support / Interventions

Prior to making a decision, issues of a minor nature will be handled “on the spot” by a staff member. In keeping with our plan, behaviour interventions should be logical and natural in consequence.

Behaviour interventions may include:

  • Time Outs - sometimes a student becomes too upset, agitated or disruptive to function successfully in the school setting. In such situations, the student may receive a “time out” in the office. This allows the student time to calm down and regain self-control before attempting to resolve the issue with a staff member.
  • Problem solving Think Sheets
  • Temporary loss of privilege
  • Service to the school
  • Teacher/Student/Parent Conferences
  • Teacher/Student/Parent/Administration Conferences
  • In-school suspensions and out-of-school suspensions

The Calgary Board of Education has passed policy that provides for suspension for the following reasons:

  • use, possession of or active contact with weapons
  • threats, which in the judgment of the Principal, endanger others
  • obscene or abusive language
  • theft
  • assault causing harm
  • vandalism
  • use, possession of, distribution, active contact with drugs or alcohol
  • personal or sexual harassment
  • extortion
  • disruptive behaviour
  • defiance of authority
  • involvement in or association with gang related criminal activity
  • other criminal activity
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