Ms. Bignell | Physical Education

November 25, 2022

There has been so much improvement this week! 

Grade 4/5/6 students learned the proper cues for both a chest and bounce pass. They practiced these by playing an activity called “Card Shark Passing” and by trying out the “Pass and Move Drill”. Some groups attempted the “3 Man Weave”, while others practiced passing and moving up the court. The grade ⅘’s also played an activity called “Dribbling Antics” which helped reinforce keeping their head up while dribbling and moving around. 

The K/1’s tried a fun game called “Dribbling for Treasure”. They practiced taking turns, while attempting to dribble with one hand down to the treasure chest to collect their treasure. At the end, we practiced counting different coloured treasure items to tie in some math in the gym! 

The ⅔’s and k/1’s got to try out “Inside, Outside, Around”, where they practiced dribbling with control using a hula hoop. They also attempted “101 Dalmatians”, where they used polyspots to dribble. The improvement in their dribbling compared to last week is amazing! The ⅔’s were also introduced to the cues for a chest and bounce pass!

November 18th, 2022

This week we started our basketball unit! Grade 4-6 students got the chance to work on their ball handling, and dribbling skills through follow the leader type activities, partner lap dribbling, dribbling with directions, and some got to try “Builders and Bulldozers” without losing control of their ball. We learned what it takes to make a controlled dribble:

  • Keeping your head, eyes and chest up
  • Keeping the ball at waist height 
  • Using your fingerpads to make contact with the ball
  • Having a slight bend in the knees 

Students in K/1 were practicing getting familiar with different types of balls. They were working on keeping their ball in control by bouncing and catching with 2 hands and 1 hand. They got to try “Red Light, Green Light” while moving and controlling their ball. 

The ⅔ students also got the opportunity to work on their ball handling and start on their dribbling skills through follow the leader type activities. They tried partner lap dribbling and red light green light as well. 

With just a couple days of practice, I have already seen so much improvement! Students are looking forward to moving into some passing and shooting work in the coming weeks!