Mrs. Evans-Scully | Grade 1

Friday, November 25, 2022

Happy Friday Grade 1 Families, 

Some highlights from this week include:

  • It was so nice to meet with you all the past couple of days. Thank you for the great conversations about your children.
  • We started our new literacy groups this week. 
  • We are starting to talk about our rights and responsibilities as children

Some books we have enjoyed this week: 

We have been reading some decodable texts with our students this week. Decodable texts encourage students to pay attention to the text and phonics skills they see and know. We know beginning readers need lots of practice with letter sounds and decodable texts give beginning readers the opportunity to practice the phonics skills they are working on in meaningful ways. We want students to practice looking at letters, making every sound when reading and blending the sounds together. 

Looking forward:

  • Sharing next week: Something you made or created 
  • Woodbine’s Winter Wonderland of Giving - December 15 (6:00-7:30) 

We are collecting donations for our school wide giving initiative. This holiday season, the Grade 1s are supporting the Calgary Food Bank Birthday Room. Please click the link below to donate needed items if you are able.

Friday, November 18, 2022

Happy Friday Grade 1 Families, 

Some highlights from this week include:

  • Sharing our baby pictures
  • Family - how we show our family we love them, what we like to do with our family
  • Introduction to Patterns. Ask your grade one student what core and term mean.
  • Thank you to our families who have sent in a family photo. These have been very helpful as we create a “my family” bulletin board in our classroom.
  • We continue to write in our journals. This week we wrote about different feelings and about what we like to eat for breakfast. At this point of the year, we hope students will be able to sound out their ideas in several sentences. Putting in finger spaces makes our writing easier to read.
  • Lockdown drill

Some books we have enjoyed this week: 

We love reading daily in our classroom. This is one of the best ways that you can support your child at home with their literacy development. Reading to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand written words. Reading to a child has been proven to improve cognitive skills and aid in cognitive development.

Looking forward:

  • Sharing next week: Something with stripes
  • Parent Teacher Conferences are November 24th (in person) and 25th (online). The Conference booking system opened at 6:00 am on Thurs, Nov 17.  Conferences are bookable via your parent MyCBE account. 
  • Woodbine’s 1st Annual Winter Wonderderland of Giving December 15th 6:00-7:30. Stay tuned for more exciting details! 

Friday, November 4, 2022

Happy Friday Grade 1 Families, 

📚Room on the Broom 🧹 // A Read Aloud - YouTube

Some highlights from this week include:

  • Halloween! Below are some activities that we did! 

Room on the Broom: We organized the sequence of events in the story and practiced retelling the story to our classmates. 

Ghost House STEM activity:  After reading the story 10 Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell, students used toothpicks and candy corn to make a house for their ghost. It was very tricky for the kiddos and the teachers have decided that gummies are the way to go! 

  • Thank you so much to those of you who have sent in a family photo. If you have not had a chance to send in a photo, please send one in by Thursday, November 10th. If you have sent the photo and it is still sitting in your child’s backpack, please email me and I will check Monday. 
  • We have been sharing about our families. The students illustrated their family and decorated a picture frame

Some books we enjoyed this week: 

Looking forward to next week: 

  • Sharing next week: Something that makes you laugh
  • Reminder to send in a family photo
  • We will be making our class wreath for the assembly
  • Remembrance Day assembly on Thursday November 10th at 10:30
  • No school Friday, November 11th 
  • If your child is part of a service group (ie. Sparks, Beavers, etc.) they are encouraged to wear their uniform on Thursday.

Have a terrific weekend,


Friday, October 28, 2022

Happy Friday Grade 1 Families, 

As winter weather approaches, please consider the following: 

  • To encourage independence, please encourage your child to put on their own winter gear. Students should zip up their own coats when getting ready. 
  • Please ensure your child is dressed for the weather. Students are outside twice a day until the temperature drops below - 20C.
  • Please label all winter gear. Mitts, hats, boots and scarves are very easy to misplace. In order to help your child’s gear make it home, please put their names on anything that they may take off during the day. We know nobody wants to buy 5 pairs of mittens this winter! 

Healthy Snack Ideas

Each day, students have two opportunities to have snacks during the day. The first one is at 10:00 am and then again at 2:30.  Please check in with your child to ensure they have enough healthy, whole foods for the entire day.                    

  • Cheese
  • Vegetables with hummus 
  • Seaweed Sheets
  • Apple sauce (squeezable) 
  • Healthy (not chocolate covered) granola bars
  • Fresh fruit - apple, banana, berries

Some highlights from this week include:

  • Ordering numbers from 11-20 in random order
  • We belong! We discussed the many groups that we belong to in our community and our world. Like our family, sports teams, classroom, school, Woodbine community, etc. 
  • Counting to 50 - introduced skip counting by 10
  • Halloween Art
  • Playing in the snow at recess! We had a blast - take a peek below! 

Some books we enjoyed this week: 


Looking forward to next week: 

  • Sharing next week: A circle shaped object 
  • Please send in a family photo. You can send this photo electronically for me to print, or send in a family photo that you do not require to be sent back. 
  • On behalf of three tired teachers, please do not send Halloween candy with your child.  We want our students to be ready for learning this week.   

Thanks so much and have a lovely Halloween weekend,


Friday, October 21, 2022

Happy Friday Grade 1 Families, 

Some highlights from this week include: 

  • We were finally able to go out and do our school sit spots. This was such a nice time to sit, reflect and observe the beautiful fall changes. Students documented some things they saw, felt, and heard. 
  • Picnic lunches outside on Tuesday and Wednesday
  • We have been enjoying playing the game Find The Spider, which helps reinforce our number sense skills.  See a photo below! 

We love the Halloween Crawl! 

  • Take a peek below at some art that we have been working on! 

Looking forward to next week: 

  • Sharing next week: Something Orange
  • No School Friday (Professional Development Day)
  • Halloween Dance: The Halloween Dance is returning Thursday Oct. 27th from 6 to 8pm.  Buy tickets online for $4 each until Tuesday Oct. 25th.  Remaining tickets will be sold at the door for $5 (cash only) 


Buy tickets here:


We also still need a number of volunteers to help make this fun event run smoothly.  Please consider signing up for a half hour volunteer role if you are attending.  We could not have these amazing events without help from parents!


Sign up to volunteer here:


  • Gift Card Donations: The Woodbine School Council is asking for donations of grocery gift cards to help support families in our school community.  Any denomination is appreciated and can make a big difference. 

It is requested that, if possible, the gift cards be purchased for Superstore or Loblaws as these stores have other items such as clothing and can be used to meet more basic needs than simply food. 


There will be a drop off box for these gift cards at the Halloween dance, or they can be dropped off at the school office at any point.  Please indicate the value on the gift card.

Some things to note: 

  • Please keep all Halloween candy at home before and after the holiday. 
  • A friendly reminder to not send Nutella products to school. We have some severe nut allergies.  

Halloween: On Monday October 31, 2022 students are welcome to wear costumes if you and your child wish to do so. Like last year, students will be allowed to come already dressed so that no time and efforts are taken away from teaching and learning. Please be mindful that teachers will continue to deliver the Alberta Program of Studies, and infuse the season into their lessons. As a result, no costume should interfere with regular teaching and learning, including Physical Education. We do ask that students keep all weapons or large accessories at home and that costumes are school appropriate.

Friday, October 14th, 2022  

Happy Friday Grade 1 Families, 

Some highlights from this week include: 

  • Picture Day!
  • Investigating how animals adapt, migrate or hibernate in fall and winter  
  • Our favourite shirts
  • Counting objects and recognizing numbers in random order. 
  • Journal writing and building our word recognition skills (play, orange, red, is, I, we, are)
  • Fall art using multiple mediums. 
  • This week we began our focused literacy groups. The children have been divided into 4 groups based on their literacy needs. They have enjoyed getting to know all of our grade 1 teachers. 
  • We observed our class trees and talked about the changes the fall season is bringing. Take a look at our trees! 

Looking forward to next week: 

  • Sit spots 
  • Sharing Topic: My Favourite Book

We are exploring some great books this week and next week. Take a look below! 

Have a lovely weekend,


Friday, October 7th, 2022

Hello Grade 1 Families, 

  • Sharing next week: Bring or wear your favourite shirt

To avoid disappointment, please help your child to remember their item on their sharing day. This day will not change this year. See schedule below. For students who miss their sharing day due to holiday Mondays, they can share whenever it works for your family throughout the week. Preparing your child by having them tell three things about their item and would be beneficial and appreciated.

For example: An apple This is my favourite type of apple. It is sweet and crispy. My grandpa makes the best apple pies.

  • Picture day is Tuesday, October 11th, 2022. Please remember to bring your best smile! 
  • In anticipation of going into Fish Creek to observe seasonal changes, we are going to be practicing sit spots in our school field this next week. We will be using our 5 senses to observe Fall changes. Our sit spots will be a personal, silent place in nature that we will visit to study patterns of local plants, trees, birds, and animals etc.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving weekend,


September 29th, 2022

It has been another busy week in grade one! The students were keen to learn all about our Canadian hero, Terry Fox. On Wednesday afternoon the students participated in Woodbine’s  Terry Fox run. The children ran around the field and on such a hot Autumn day they persevered just like Terry did.

There is no school on Friday, September 30th due to Truth and Reconciliation Day.

In Science, we have been discussing and observing signs of Autumn. As you enjoy your weekend, take a moment to take in the beautiful colours with your child.


September 23, 2022

Hello Grade 1 Families, 

It was such a pleasure meeting with you and learning more about your children. We are excited to continue our learning together! 

  • Letters we have been working on this week /i/ /m/ /p/
  • Sharing next week: Something I love 
  • Dress for the weather. With the changing weather, please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for outdoor activities. 
  • Running Club starts this week 
  • Terry Fox Run - Wednesday September 28th at 1:30 
  • Orange Shirt Day is Thursday September 29
  • No school Friday September 30 
  • Picture Day October 11 


September 15th, 2022

Happy Thursday! We have had a busy week! 

We have begun our printing program and we are working at printing our letters starting at the top. We have also learned about the letters and actions for /s/, /a/ and /t/.  We start with finger warm ups and then work at writing upper and lower case letters on the line - which can be tricky for first graders. 

Tomorrow the children will be meeting their grade six buddy. We will be doing regular activities with the older children. Ask your child who their grade six buddy is when they get home tomorrow. They are pretty excited!

Today your child brought home a bright orange piece of paper with our show and tell schedule and the topics listed for each week on the other side. Please note your child's show and tell day.  If there is no school on your child's scheduled day, please pick another day of the week that suits your family. Here a few things to keep in mind when sending in objects:

• please send an object that is small enough to fit in your child's backpack

• please do not send toys or valuable items - we would hate for the item to get lost

• if it is easier to send in a picture , please feel free to email a picture to me and we can show it on the Smartboard

• please practice with your kiddo so that he or she has three things to say about their object. 

• if your child is worried about speaking in front of their classmates, I am happy to help them out. They will get the hang of it in no time. 

Show and Tell begins next Monday and the first item is a photo of your family. 

Have a terrific weekend! Please do not forget to book a conference so that we can chat about your amazing kiddo!

Take care,


September 14th, 2022

Reminder! Conference booking goes live tomorrow at 6:00 am. Can’t wait to meet you all!

Grade One Teacher

Hayley Evans-Scully

September 9th, 2022

Hello Grade 1 Families, 

We had a great week in grade 1. We are learning new routines like how to take care of our belongings and school supplies, how to change our shoes multiple times a day and procedures for eating lunch at school. It has been a big learning curve. We have also been spending time outside playing on the playground at recess. Teachers have been reinforcing to our students that we play safely - no roughhousing, rocks stay on the ground, sliding down the slide and not climbing on top of the equipment. It would be helpful if you could reinforce these rules at home with your child. 

Students are given three opportunities to eat during the day - morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have noticed that your child is not eating the food that you have sent. We do not eat with the children at lunch but are happy to relay any concerns to the lunchroom staff. Please remember to send nut free food with your child to school. Thank you to the parents who have sent snacks packed separately.  This alleviates confusion for students during snack time. 

We have visited the library this week and students independently chose a book to take home for the week. Please notice your child’s book was in a large Ziploc bag. Please return the book on or before Tuesday of each week in the Ziploc bag. This helps protect the book from spills.

In Math, we have been sorting objects by 2 and 3 attributes. When sorting buttons, we realized we could sort by colour, shape and size. During our calendar routine we have been counting by ones forwards and backwards to 40. By the end of grade one, students are expected to count by ones to 100 - forwards and backwards from any given point. We will be working towards skip counting by fives to 100, tens to 100 and 2’s to 20. This is an activity you could also do at home with your child.

In Science, we have begun our first unit exploring the seasons. Each class chose a tree to observe throughout the four seasons. Please ask your child where their class tree is located. We are excited to watch our tree change throughout the year. We talked about how the seasons are a predictable and repeating cycle. Next week, we will be learning about the jobs of the sun and how sunlight relates to the seasons. 

Please return the Admirable Use Policy (blue form) that was sent home this week as soon as possible.

We will be beginning our speaking and listening program (show and tell) the week of September 19th. Each child will have the opportunity to bring a specific item based on the weekly topic. More information will be forthcoming. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Grade 1 Teachers

Mrs. Anderson

Ms. Connolly

Mrs. Evans-Scully 

September 2nd, 2022

Dear Grade 1 Families:

 What a great start we have had! We are learning routines and getting to know each other through lots of fun activities and conversations. We would like to extend our most sincere appreciation to you for sending your children back to school, prepared and ready for all that we asked of them.

 Here are some reminders of items we would love for you to send to school. (Many of you have done some of these things already. Thank you!)

 1.   Please clearly label everything you send to school. (backpack, lunch kit, snack container, shoes, water bottle, etc..) It is surprising how many water bottles look alike!

2. Paperwork from the school office came home with your child today for you to review.

3. Slip on shoes (Velcro, elastic laces, etc) are fantastic for both indoor and outdoor shoes. If your child is working on shoe tying, please make sure they are very confident in their own tying skills, before sending lace up shoes. We tied up a lot of shoes this week!

4. Please send in a pair of over the ear, wired and labelled headphones (not ear buds) before the end of September.

5. Send snacks in their own container that can be kept separate from the lunch kit. This makes it much easier for small hands to find and access what they need during busy transitions in our coatroom areas.

6. On Fridays, dismissal time is 12:50 pm. Please send an extra snack on Fridays. We will be hungry!

7.   Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather as we are spending as much time playing and learning outside as possible. If it is a bit rainy and windy, we would still like to go outside and we want everyone to be feeling warm and comfortable.

8.  This year we will be using a blog to communicate with families. You can access my blog through the school website. Please check there for classroom updates and communication. 

9.  We love to celebrate birthdays. If you would like to send an individually wrapped, nut free birthday snack for the class, we would be more than happy to share that with the students. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me by email. If you would like to talk in person, please wait until I have dismissed all students.

Thanks again for your support. Please know that we will do our utmost to keep your children safe, happy and engaged at school. We are blessed to be their teachers!

 Most sincerely,


Grade 1 Teachers

Mrs. Anderson

Ms. Connolly

Mrs. Evans-Scully 







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