Ms. Magee | Grade 4

Weekly Update September 18-22

Thank you to all families that came to the open house Thursday evening or conferences Friday. It was great to meet you all. 

This week we started listening to a podcast called 6 Minutes. In this podcast, students are listening to the story of the Anders family, who discovered a girl named Holiday in the water while in Alaska. The podcast tells the story of Holiday and her journey to find out who she is and how she ended up in the water. We are practicing skills like making predictions and connections as we listen to the story. 

In math we started learning about place value for decimals. We learned the places of tenths and hundredths and how to show decimals in different ways. 

In science we measured shadows throughout the day. We noticed that our shadows were shortest right after lunch, which was close to solar noon. We also learned how the sun casts different shadows based on its position in the sky. 

In social studies, we continued to work on mapping skills. We learned the cardinal directions and how to use them to describe locations on a map. 

On October 4 it is International Walk to School Day. We are encouraging all families to get on a great pair of running shoes and walk to school! Let’s see how many kilometers we can gather as a school!

Weekly Update September 11-15

We had a great first full week at school. This week in literacy, we started our first class read aloud called Fish in a Tree. We will be reading this book together and responding to the text to develop higher level reading comprehension skills. 

Parent Review: Fish In A Tree By Lynda Mullaly Hunt - Little Day Out

In math, we learned and played some multiplication games. We use games frequently to support understanding of basic facts. We also continued our work with place value and understanding how our number system works. 

In Science, we started our Light and Shadows unit. We discussed what we thought we already knew and what we wanted to know, and enjoyed watching the incredible Bill Nye investigate Light and Colour.

In support of our ongoing investigations of optical devices, students are asked to bring in a regular size Pringles tube with the lid (clear lid/transparent) by Monday. October 2 if possible. If you have any extra, please send them along for students who may not be able to bring their own. We will be building our own kaleidoscopes.

Next Wednesday, we are going on the Terry Fox run. See below for the route we are running. Donations can be made online, the link was sent via School Messenger. 

Important Dates:

Meet the Teacher Grade 1-6: 

On September 21st and 22nd we will  have our Meet the Teacher Event. On Thursday September 21st, come visit your child’s teacher, classroom, parent council booths, apparel booths  at your own pace. The Open House will be held between 5:00- 8:00pm. On Friday September 22nd , we will host traditional interviews. This round of interviews will be by teacher/parent request. You may receive an email from your child’s teacher by Friday September 15, inviting you for an interview.

If you would like to request an interview you can schedule an appointment. Spaces are limited.

Conference Manager:

Opens Wednesday September 13th at 6:00 a.m. 

Closes Wednesday September 20th at midnight.


-Please bring in a set of personal headphones for our technology use.

-Please sign (student and parent) and return your Admirable Use form.

-It is important to ensure all snacks are nut free.

-Students should have indoor running shoes.

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