There are many ways you can contribute to our school’s success, and make a difference for our school and our students. In our school, this can include providing in-kind donations, contributing cash and lending expertise and technical knowledge. Connect with our principal on what may be appropriate. For more information on ways to give to CBE, visit Donate ​on the CBE website.​​​

Fundraisers & Donations

After 3 years of planning and fundraising the new playground at Acadia Elementary School is built!

The new playground at Acadia Elementary School, located in the heart of Acadia, is one of the most utilized playgrounds in the community, welcoming families from all over Acadia and beyond.

With the help of a small but mighty group of dedicated volunteers this playground was re-imagined and built with the fundraising efforts of all Acadia School families, friends and community partners.

Our fundraising efforts are never ending! We aim to raise $5,000/school year to ensure we can afford to do things such as: funds for food to feed students, field trip busses, allowances for teacher classrooms, online reading tools, special events and in school residencies (art/dance etc).

If you would like more information, please contact 


Seasonal Fundraisers:
Purdy's Chocolates

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “SUPPORT”
  3. Enter info under “support an active campaign”
  4. It will ask you the email associated with campaign, you must enter
  5. Register with your personal information and make your selections using the online order form

Year-round Fundraisers:

SkipTheDepot Fundraiser

Your empty beverage containers can help us reach our fundraising goal! Donate directly to the playground rebuild project by signing up with SkipTheDepot. 

Step 1: Use this referral link:

Step 2: Create a personal account

Step 3: Prepare your beverage containers for donation

Step 4: Schedule a pick-up directly from your home OR take your containers to the Calgary Bottle Exchange at 9218 Horton Road SW and use the Drop&Go service

How to prepare your beverage containers?

There’s no need to sort the beverage containers. Simply put your containers in a large garbage bag, write 6KNQ (our 4 digit customer ID) on the outside of the bag. Schedule your pickup or drop&go. Funds will be sent directly to the Acadia Parent Advisory Society.

No sorting required. No handling of cash. No waiting in lines.

Friends and family outside of Calgary can also contribute to our fundraiser if they live in one SkipTheDepot’s other service locations. Simply share the instructions above, and they can schedule a pickup or drop off at a participating bottle depot in their city.


Mabel's Labels -- Durable labels that keep your kid's belongings out of the lost & found! They have expanded their product line with wall decals, allergy alert labels and personalized book labels (just to name a few).   

  1. Visit
  2. Click "Support a Fundraiser"
  3. Choose Acadia School (Calgary) from the drop down menu
  4. Choose your labels and have everything shipped directly to your home.

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​​​Donating to Our School

Ways to give to our school include:

Monetary (cash) donation

  • I wish to receive a tax receipt for my donation. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more.
    • Visit the EducationMatters online donation webpage to make a donation. (Preferred donation method)
    • Write a cheque payable to EducationMatters  (all one word) and include the name of our school and the specific program, activity or item you want your donation to support in the 'memo' section. Give the cheque to the school or mail it to: EducationMatters, 1221 8 Street SW Calgary, AB T2R 0L4
  • I do not wish to receive a tax receipt for my donation
    • ​Write a cheque made payable to Calgary Board of Education  and include the name of our school and the specific program, activity or item you want your donation to support in the 'memo' section. Give the cheque to the school.

In-kind donations of school supplies or equipment 

  • Please complete this form | In-kind Donations Form
    If you have multiple items in different categories, please fill out the form for each item. This will help us to process your offer more efficiently.

Thank you for thinking of our school!​