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Dear Acadia Families,

First of all, I would like our families to know how much we are already missing our students.  There are only a few times that schools are open with a full staff and no children and that is usually in August when we are excitedly preparing for a new school year or in June as we clean up in preparation for the following school year.  Being here at school in March with no students is very odd for all of us.  Please know that we are thinking about our families every day and wish everyone the best.

We understand that families are wanting to collect their child’s personal belongings from school and we have been advised through guidelines, set out by Alberta Health Services, to create a schedule for families regarding pick-up of student personal belongings.

Personal belongings include indoor shoes, water bottles, or items brought from home.  We will also be returning student’s money for our Texas donut sale orders and any medications that parents may have given to the school. Please note that student supplies and materials such as workbooks, folders, pencils, scissors, etc. will remain at the school.

During this scheduled time, we would also like parents to return any library and/or home reading books, and drop-off bins will be set up for you to do so.

Mrs. Traveson and Mrs. Moore have also asked if their students can return their science projects that were assigned for homework last week so that they can be marked.  If they aren’t completed, please do not worry about passing them in.  Mrs. Lunnin has also asked that if her students have visual journals, duotangs, or other tasks, please return regardless if the work is completed or not. 

I have also just spoken to Ricardo Choo-Yin the Adventures Day Care Director who said that the Adventures staff will pack up any student personal items from their program which we will have available for families to pick up.  These items will be found on your child's assigned classroom table in the gym with their other personal belongings.   


We ask that families enter the building, through the front door, during the time slots allotted to them.  All student personal belongings will be on tables, by classroom in the gym.  Lost and Found items will be displayed in the foyer as well for families to look through. If children come with their parents, please ensure that they stay with you at all times.  All personal items will be removed from classrooms and be put on the classroom tables in the gym. There will be no access to classrooms at this time.


This opportunity is only in place if items are needed.If you do not feel the need to come into the school, please do not. Alternate times to pick up student personal belongings will be made at a later time if you are currently ill or self-isolating.

As per World Health and Alberta Health recommendation, we need to mitigate contact between one another as much as possible.  For that reason, staff will not be available to meet with families for any reason. We understand how disconcerting this is for many families. Although unfortunate, it is not advisable or possible given the current pandemic.  We will have a few staff members in the gym to return donut money and medications but teachers will not be in the gym during this time. 

If you are exhibiting symptoms of respiratory illness (I.e. fever, cough, fatigue and/or muscle aches) please do not come to the school. Also,please limit the number of family members coming into the building. Where possible, our teachers have already gathered and labeled your child’s stuff for easy pick-up.

As our school staff is in the building and working, we ask that you come only at your pickup time scheduled for you under your surname. When the pickup times are finished, we will be doing a thorough cleaning of the school as per health recommendations.




Wednesday March 18

8:00 – 9:30 AM

Begins with A – E

Wednesday March 18

9:30 – 11:00 AM

Begins with F – L

Thursday March 19

8:00 – 9:30 AM

Begins with M – R

Thursday March 19

9:30 – 11:00 AM

Begins with S – Z

Please contact me via email with any questions you might have.

Thank you for all the kind messages of support. Our teachers are overwhelmed with messages of gratitude. We are thinking of all our students and families and will be in touch with further details as they become available.  

Please also note, that at this time we are waiting for direction from our Board as to providing student work.  Please continue to check your email frequently for further updates.

Many thanks,

Lisa Bartel

WEEK 26: March 9 - March 13

What a week!?!  Daylight savings time, full moon, field trip, coronavirus, Friday the 13th and Mission Impossible.  Sigh... it's the weekend.  Please stay informed through the WAG, School Messenger and about the latest updates about the coronavirus.  We, at Acadia, are doing our due diligence.   Again, there will be no Parent Teacher Conferences next week.  You are welcome to contact myself or Ms. Galway to discuss your child's progress.  To put a smile on your face have a glance at some photos from our field trip at Fish Creek Park and some Mission Impossible photos.

Thank you to ALL of our volunteers for making this field trip a success!!

In writing, Ms. Galway's class started working on adding triple scoop words to our writing. We used the online kids thesaurus website to find triple scoop words for the most common words we use in our writing. We worked together to create a triple scoop word list that we can use when we are completing our writing tasks.

We used our triple scoop word list, as well as our writing checklist and sight word dictionary, to write about our field trip to Fish Creek Park.

In math, we continue to work on subtraction to 20 and problem solving. During our math centers, we are playing a variety of subtraction games with a partner. Here are some of our favourite subtraction games. 

In problem solving, we continue to work on using our subtraction skills to answer a variety of questions. We know that we first have to find the important information in the question and underline it. We then draw a picture, complete the ten frame, create an equation and lastly write a sentence using information from the question. Here are some examples of our problem solving questions for subtraction. 

Week 22/24: February 28

Ms. Epp's Epp-Ic Kids had a lot of entertaining and engaging activities this last month that she forgot to post what was happening in Room 9!  Let me get you up to speed :) 

We finished our unit on bears, after studying about grizzly, polar, brown, and panda bears.  Students compared and contrasted between bears and created a beautiful Northern Light artwork with a polar bear.  They also made predictions of what their life would be like when they are 100years old when we celebrate 100 days of Learning on Wednesday, February, 19.  We are now learning about Indigenous Studies, we are reading and discussing the 7 Sacred Teachings which the students are aligning and making strong connections with the Circle of Courage.  Stay tuned: during conferences you will read how they demonstrate each teaching.


In February, we learned and celebrated Black History Month.  We read and watched videos about Misty Copeland, Ruby Bridges, Jackie Robinson, Viola Desmond and Martin Luther King Jr.  Students again, tied in the Circle of Courage's pillars of belonging and generousity.  We discussed how showing kindness and empathy towards others fills everyone's hearts.  Students completed comprehension sheets on retelling: characters, setting and events from the story.  On Wednesday, March 3, their homework assignment is due on this.


We've been working really hard on adding to 20.  Students are understanding that addition and subtraction are related and have been solving questions more efficiently by understanding that concept.  We are now moving into subtracting and working on word problems.  Daily, we subtract how many students are absent to find out how many are present by using our number line.  During our 100th Day Celebration, students used a 100cm (1meter stick) and went around the school looking for things that were longer, shorter or about the same as 100cm.  They really enjoyed measuring things.

We have started gymnastics for 3 weeks!!! Students are loving walking like a ninja, showing BMX hands and doing partner work on the mats.

Twice a month, our class gets together with Ms. MacDonald's grade 4 class to do buddy work!  This month, we worked on joining hands of friendship and being creative with different kinds of hugs.  Both are posted around the school!

Congratulations to Sam for receiving a Stampeder backpack!  Acadians were lucky to meet and hear from a Stampeder to talk about online safety.  Sam had a great response to a question!

Important dates:
Scholastic Book orders due: March 10

Field trip to Fish Creek Park: Tuesday, March 10.  Please make sure your child's form and money have been paid for.

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Thursday, March 19 (4-8) and Friday, March 20 (8-12)

Texas Donut Sales:  due: Monday, March 16, will receive donuts on Thursday, March 19.

Spring Break: March 20 - March 30.  School commences on Tuesday, March 31.

Week 23: February 18th-21st

We celebrated the 100th day of school this week!

We completed a variety of activities around the number 100! For writing, we wrote about what we would buy if we had $100. The students really enjoyed discussing and writing about everything they would buy. In math, we played a partner game where they had to race to 100.

We used our imaginations in art and created pictures using the number 100. The students were all very excited to walk around and look at their friends masterpieces when they were finished!

Upcoming Dates:

Feb 26th: Pink Shirt Day and Afternoon Friendship Dance

Feb 26th: $2 Popcorn Sale at Recess

Feb 27th: Parent Council Movie Night @ 6pm (tickets are $2)

Week 21: February 3rd-7th

This week, we have been working on using our checklist to help us improve our writing. We are focusing on adding details to our writing, spelling our sight words correctly, using finger spaces, using punctuation properly and adding capital letters to the beginning of our sentences. 

In writing, we have also been using our checklist to help us find mistakes. We completed an activity this week where we had to find Ms. Galway's mistakes. In small groups, we were able to find all of Ms. Galway's mistakes!

In math, we continue to work on problem solving and addition. We enjoy working in randomized groups of 3 to complete our problem solving activities. 

In science, Ms. Galway's class finished our Senses unit. This week, we were able to complete a taste test to determine what foods are bitter, sour, salty and sweet. 

Upcoming Dates:

Feb 13th & 14th: Teacher's Convention/No School 

Feb 17th: Family Day/No School

Feb 19th: Popcorn for sale at recess ($2)

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