Grade 2

Dear Families, 

We hope that you are doing well and staying safe during this challenging and difficult time. Your grade 2 teachers would like you to know that there are some things that you can do while at home on this extended time away from us. The link below is a valuable educational resource for any writing or research your child may wish to do.


The chart below shows all of the words that we use for reading and writing each day. Knowing how to read and spell each of these words is important for you to be able to do independently. Some suggestions for ways to practice these words are:

- play Hangman

- print each word on a small piece of paper two times and make a memory matching game

- rainbow write the words (trace the word more than once in more than one color)

- write the words with red vowels and blue consonants

- write the words in sentences is the website that we have been using to keep our reading skills sharp and moving forward. Please keep using it! If you experience difficulty in remembering the log-in and username information, please feel free to email us at and

Keeping a writing journal is a helpful way to keep our writing skills strong. Some writing topic suggestions are:

-  watch and write about the video. Some questions to answer and write about are "What did you learn about the animal that you didn't know before?", "Who takes care of this animal?", "Where is this animal's natural habitat in our world?", "When does this zoo activity take place?" (daily, weekly, monthly), "Why does this animal need the zookeeper's help?" Any other things that you can think of writing are okay to write about!

- draw a picture of the animal to go with your writing.


               Don't forget to use our writing checklist!


Practicing the basic addition and subtraction facts up to 20 is very important for accurate, flexible and quick mathematical thinking. Students are encouraged to practice making the number families/bonds up to 20 as in the picture below. Using the numbers in all four related addition and subtraction sentences allows for mathematical understanding and skill to develop.

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