Our Staff


PrincipalErin Bennett
Acting Assistant PrincipalKari Mandin
Administrative SecretaryYuri Dolby
SecretaryLidia Mincheva

Dial: 403-777-7410 and the extension of the teacher you would like to leave a message for or click on a name to send a direct email.

Teaching Staff


Name & EmailExtension
7-1 Berger, Danielle 
7-2 Frank, Barbara 
7-3 McGowan, Mark 3028
7-4 Moore, Tammy 3035
7-5 Kunze, Zlata 3023
7-6 Prieto Izquerdo, Maria 3020
 8-1 Virjee, Nadim
8-2 Froehler, James 3034
8-3  Stenbeck, Dean 3032
 8-4 Simpson, Mike
8-5/CTF  Ford, Evan 3024
9-1 Pratt, Richard 3031
9-2 Gilchrist, Christy 3025
9-3 Horne, Elaina 3027
9-4 Pollock, Lynn 3002
9-5 Pham, Joanne 2022
9-6 Schurch, Tamara 3019
PLP  Smith, Klaire 3029
PLP  Gillespie, Keeley  3030
Music Rattan, Jesse 
Physical Education  Richards, Jace3282

Humanities/Physical Education MacRae, Ryan

Student Services Simmons, Roxanne  2305

Support Staff

Name Extension
Boser, Gerry 2022
Brown, Sharon 2542
Gouthro, Catherine 3029
Caretaker on Duty 2278
Joubert, Sonja 3029
Lang, Marc 2278
Mohammed, Yolande 2001
Mission, Ludovico 2278
Scott, Alan 2278
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RT @cmhsrams: Amazing afternoon showcasing the choral talent across the division. CBE Sings #WeAreCBE https://t.co/jHfidUF0Zr

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, the CBE’s Well-Being team will host its next free webinar with the AHS Sexual & Reproductive Health Team on the topic of Healthy Sexual Development. Sign up today to join the virtual session from 6:30-8:00 pm https://t.co/74F8MHOyOV #WeAreCBE https://t.co/ySHlZQZcIr

RT @BishopPinkham: Acknowledging Black History Month for February. Many more lessons and stories will be integrated into core and complementary classes. #WeAreCBE #BlackHistoryMonth https://t.co/nxdD21eXnP

RT @MSBhullarCBE: WHoooo created these amazing sketches and poems? Gr6 students Sai, Ayana and Priya wowed us with their skills and creativity. #WeareCBE #NicetoManmeetYou https://t.co/Ev8WwfIbey

In February we celebrate Black History Month! It’s an opportunity to learn about and celebrate the contributions of Black Canadians in communities across the country. Activities and lessons are planned in CBE schools throughout the month. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/zQV1xcoztb