Dress Code

The standard for dress and grooming was developed in consultation with staff, students and parents. Students are expected to be neat and tidy in their dress and personal care. Common sense should prevail; students should be attired in a manner that is appropriate for a work and business environment. This dress code is applies to all school sponsored activities, including extracurricular activities and field trips. 

Please keep in mind that on any given day, a student could be handling substances in Science, doing woodwork in Construction Technology, cooking in the Foods Lab, and engaging in physical activities in Phys. Ed. as well as many other activities – both inside and outdoors. For this reason, student attire should be such that it allows for SAFE participation in MANY different situations. 

All Clothing at A.E. Cross Must

  1. Allow for safe participation in student activities.
  2. Have respectful print and images.
  3. Not be disruptive to learning. 

Unacceptable dress for students includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Clothing with derogatory, vulgar, or suggestive pictures, or printing (e.g. advertisements for alcohol, in support of drug use, or promoting illegal activities). Such clothing is detrimental to creating a positive learning environment. 
  • If student clothing is deemed unsafe for activities that students may engage in during the school day, they may be asked to change into more appropriate clothing..

Clothing in Physical Education (PE)

Currently, students are not changing for PE but they must have non marking appropriate footwear (running shoes that are tied). 

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