Lunchtime Hours & Supervision

During the first half of the lunch hour students will eat in their homeroom classes (12:07-12:30). During the second half of lunch students will go outdoors (weather permitting). Students who go home for lunch will leave the school at 12:07 and re-enter the school at 12:48 (weather permitting). Students need to dress for the weather and physically distance.

For parent(s)/guardian(s) who need to drop off items or lunches for their students throughout the day, there is a table
just inside the front door labelled “Lunch Drop Off”. After you buzz, you can say you are dropping off an item, we will
open the door and you may place your item on the table. Please make sure the student name is clear on the item. Students are responsible for checking the table for items. The office will not be calling students down.


For more information on allergies and/or other health concerns visit our Illness & Medical page. 

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