Acceptable Cell Phone Usage Policy


The 2013 Alberta Ministerial Order on Student Learning has changed our work as educators and indicates that “WHEREAS education in Alberta will be shaped by a greater emphasis…on inquiry, discovery and the application of knowledge than on the dissemination of information; and on technology to support the creation and sharing of knowledge than on technology to support teaching.” 

All school organizations hold learning as a core value. It is imperative that schools be sensitive to changes in technology and culture, which provide the opportunity to increase student academic growth. Cell phones, widely used for communication, can also serve as powerful tools for learning.  However, cell phones also possess functions, which if used inappropriately, can disrupt the learning environment and create the possibility for other problematic behavior.  Recognizing the government-mandated and research-based benefits of the wise use of technology to support student learning, A.E. Cross School adopts the following policy for acceptable cell phone usage at school in order to create reasonable expectations for limits of use that do not provide a benefit to the school environment.

Possession and use of a cell phone must fall within these guidelines:

  1. Cell phones must be on silent (not vibrate) upon entering the building, unless directed by the teacher, and remain on silent throughout the remainder of the school day.
  2. Cell phones will be kept in students’ backpacks during class time, unless teachers permit students to use their cell phones for a specific learning purpose during their class.
  3. Teachers have the authority to allow or ban cell phone use during their respective class times.
  4. Cell phones may be used appropriately during nutrition break and lunch period, and must be returned to students’ backpacks at the end of nutrition break and lunch. 
  5. Cell phones may not be brought into the washrooms.
  6. Cell phone cameras and audio recorders may only be used for specific educational benefits and only with prior permission of the teacher or administrator.

Students who choose to bring cell phones to school do so at their own risk. The school assumes No Liability for lost, stolen or damaged cell phones.

Student use of cell phones at A.E. Cross School is a privilege. Failure to adhere to established guidelines will result in the following corrective measures:

1st Offense: Phone taken away until end of day and held by the teacher (to be picked up by student).

2nd Offense: Phone taken away until end of day and held in the office (to be picked up by student).

3rd Offense: Phone taken away until end of day and held in the office.  Parents will be notified and must come into the school to pick up the cell phone.

4th Offense: Student will not be allowed to bring a cell phone onto school property for a determined amount of time.

Further Offenses: To be determined in conjunction with the student and student’s family.

*Certain steps in this corrective process may be bypassed and other disciplinary measures may be enacted based on the severity of the offense, in alignment with CBE Administrative Regulations 6005, Student Code of Conduct and Administrative Regulation 6006, Progressive Student Discipline.

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