​​​Fees will be charged to your MyCBE​ account beginnin​g in October.

Annual system fees are set each year when the operating budget is passed by the Board of Trustees.

It is important to know that we have a waiver process for families who cannot afford to pay the fees.

School-based and course specific fees may be charged by our school. You can find a complete list of the approved fees for your school on our Find My School Fees page. 

​Visit the CBE website for more information on fees and waivers​.​



Textbooks and Supplies at A.E. Cross School

Textbooks are supplied in some subjects. If any school books are damaged or lost, students will be required to pay for the damage and/or the replacement of the items (some textbooks can cost as much as $80.00!). Students are responsible for providing all other materials. 

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