Fine Arts

Fine and Performing Arts Includes

  • Visual Arts: Art, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, 
  • DramaDrama, Advance Acting & Touring Theatre, Directing, Film Studies, Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre, PDA
  • Music: Instrumental Music, Band, Chamber, Instrumental Jazz

Visual Arts


The Art Program offers students the opportunity to create a variety of projects working with a range of mediums. Students will learn about and work with the basic elements and principles of art, through an assortment of drawing, painting and three dimensional projects. Students will develop skills as artists, as well as become familiar with the language of art and art history. Students will gain exposure and experience with mediums including water colour, graphite, oil pastels, acrylic, pencil crayon, collage, three-dimensional materials and more. There may be a minimal fee to supplement consumable supplies.


In Ceramics, students will create several projects out of clay using hand building pottery methods such as slab, pinch pot, coil and additive and subtractive methods. Students will develop hand building and decorative skills, as well as glazing and firing techniques. Students taking this course are also required to invest in art journaling, providing an opportunity to sketch out ideas for projects as well as improving drawing skills.


All units interconnect and are project based on student’s interest.  There will be an expectation that students work both in groups and independently.

Drama is fun and a unique tool to explore and express human feeling.  Drama is flexible, versatile and can be experienced through many forms. This is a hands-on course with awesome activities involving stage crafting and theatre. Learn about doing scenes, working on sets, props, costumes, lights and sound. Students will learn many techniques that may include games, acting, and improvisation, making masks or even face painting and building sets for class projects or other productions. All units are based on curriculum outcomes.    

Film Studies

Student presentations are wonderful. Everything from Zootopia, to Doctor Strange and Batman Lego Movie. Presentations were informative and gave us insight into how many jobs are connected to the filming industry. Have you ever read what some of the jobs are in the movie credits? It’s quite amazing the hundreds of jobs in the movies that have nothing to do with acting. Storyboards are well on their way to being finished as some groups have forged ahead and started filming. Students have the month of April to film and May and a week into June to edit and present their films. Understanding time management and efficient group job assignment is key to making the best use of people and equipment. If you are an actor understand missing a class impacts your group. Make sure to have alternate plans. We are looking forward to watching what creative minds can do. 

CTF Film Studies 

We are a visual society and what we see can influence our lives. Students will be given an opportunity to challenge themselves by improving their ability to critique films as well as develop their aptitude for film making. They will view film as a means of understanding how moving picture influence social, cultural and historical perspective.  Each student will also have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be in front of, as well as behind, the camera. Story boarding, script writing and film critique are just some of the valuable skills students will have upon completion of this course.

Performing Arts

This is a course designed to challenge and inspire those serious minded students who wish to be involved with complete stage productions. It creates a wonderful sense of accomplishment for students who are involved in these productions. It provides an opportunity to see what kinds of creativity is at A.E. Cross. Expectations are that you will be in attendance each class and will be able to work with a script reading and memorizing in the process of developing a complete production. Students making a commitment to a production performance class must be aware that unlike in other classes; rehearsals are a cumulative group experience and it is not possible to 'make up' for missed rehearsals. 

Technical Theatre

This course encompasses all that goes into making a stage production.  Students will be introduced to  sound, lighting, set building, and all stage crafting in stage productions. If your interest is in the backstage area of theatre this is for you. It’s all about what the audience sees, or even more importantly doesn’t see. 

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