Physical Education


Students are to have a complete change of clothing for Physical Education classes. A.E. Cross gym strip are available for purchase. Should you choose to purchase other gym strip, please be sure students have an athletic T-shirt and shorts/pants, and a good pair of runners with non-marking runners.

Students should always lock their Phys. Ed. lockers and never share their combinations with anyone!

Jewellery, watches, keys, electronic devices and other property

As a safety precaution, all jewellery including watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. should NOT be worn to Phys. Ed. class. The teacher is NOT responsible for student property. As a general rule, students are discouraged from bringing any objects of value to school.


  • If students are not well, they should tell their P.E. teacher. On such occasions, students are asked to change and to participate as much as possible.
  • If a student is sick or injured, a medical note is required. The note should have information about the nature of the illness/injury, and the length of time that the student is unable to participate in classes.
  • Guardians may contact the teacher or directly concerning illness or injury.

Physical Education Gym Strip

All students are required to change for Phys-Ed into gym strip and to have non marking appropriate footwear (running shoes that are tied). There are two options for gym strip...[ learn more ] 

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