May 09
May 9, 2022


As Travel Restrictions are easing, we are seeing more families wishing to travel, bon voyage! If choosing to travel during the school year when school is in session, please be aware of the following: 
• Schools are not mandated to, nor do we, provide schoolwork for extended absences. 
• It is parents/guardians’ responsibilities to review and support their child’s learning during the extended absence.
• The CBE believes there is a strong positive correlation between attendance and effective education. 
• The Education Act excuses students from attending school due to illness or other unavoidable cause, religious holidays, suspension/expulsion, or permission from the Board. An absence outside of these exemptions, including those reported by parents, will be recorded as an unexcused absence. 
• Absences may affect a child’s academic progress, and peer relationships, at school. 
• The cumulative effect of multiple extended school absences could result in significant gaps in a child’s learning and achievement. 
• Make sure to notify our school office and your child’s teachers of leave of absence by completing The Extended Leave of Absence Form. This form can be picked up at the main office. 
We trust you will continue to follow travel guidelines pertaining to Covid, thank you. These guidelines may change dependent on area visited, and upon return to Alberta. 

We continue to ask that all safety and traffic rules are adhered to in and around the school.
The safety of our students and staff is essential and our number one priority.
We would prefer that you arrive late, and safely, than on time while breaking traffic rules.
  • Please do not park on the crosswalks.
  • Please do not pull U-Turns where prohibited.
  • Please do not drive through a crosswalk with people in it.
  • Please do not pull into the staff parking lot at any time. 
We are all a community and it is our collective responsibility to keep each other safe.
So many of you follow all of the rules and encourage others to do so.  We see you.  We appreciate you.

Alexander Ferguson’s School Council and Society are parent organizations that support AFS staff in offering excellent programming for our students. There are so many ways for parents to participate, and, whether you have a little or a lot of time to share, we hope that you will be involved in our school community.
Looking to get involved? Join a meeting. Anytime. Check out volunteer opportunities . Find position descriptions in the document located along the right hand side of the page.
All parents are very welcome to attend Council and Society meetings to learn more about what is happening in our school and share ideas. Please watch for highlights about Council and Society happenings and volunteer opportunities on our website.

Apr 14
April 14, 2022

​Hello AFS parents and guardians,

As we embark on another long weekend full of Ramandan observance, Passover, Easter, and other celebrations, we wanted to draw your attention to a few items on our website. 

Did you know? When your child participates in the monthly fun lunches they are supporting other school initiatives at the same time? Through the fun lunches we build school spirit, foster a greater sense of community, and raise funds to support artistic programming at AFS. To learn more check out the AFS website: Our next fun lunch is scheduled for Thursday, April 28. Deadline to order is before midnight next Friday, April 22. We will be enjoying Opa! We look forward to the joy and excitement this day brings to our classrooms. Thanks for your support.

Did you happen to see the results of the pruning that occurred at the front doors last Friday? Check out pictures at

We were thankful that Ms. Novak, our CBE OT, was able to meet with parents last Wednesday night to share some strategies and insight to assist our students with regulation, both at home and school. The ppt is available to view on our website, h as are the handouts that were provided. The large majority of parents choose to attend online rather than in person to our first hybrid event. As such we have extra handouts already printed. If you'd like a copy of one or all please respond to this email and copies will be sent home with your child (please provide child's name and room number).

In addition there are some amazing sketches, created by our room 4 students, available to be viewed online. Check out previous newscentre stories for work from other classes.This years free family Stampede Breakfast event, as organised by school council, will be held on Friday June 10, mark your calendars now, we are hopeful all students and families will be able to join us for this tradition. Food's up at 8am! Check out the council page of the AFS website - part of the Get Involved tab. There are many ways to get involved. Please let us know how you're able to our support initiatives by responding to this email.Have a wonderful weekend.Your AFS administrative team,

Helen Sharpe and Matthew Littel​

Mar 07
March 7, 2022

​It's that time of year again, conferences! We look forward to spending time with all our families this week. If you have no already done so, please sign up for. a virtual conference using your CBE parent powerschool account. For more information you can access the CBE website.

Also this week you will be hearing that survey season is upon us. Students starting the Assurance Survey last week, other classes will be participating this week. We invite, and encourage, ALL grades 4, 5, 6, parents to please complete this survey and provide feedback for our school. 

There is also our engagement survey, please take 5-10 minutes to provide us some feedback. This engagement forms the basis of our parent feedback on planning and financing for our next school year. By framing our SDP (School Development Plan) as the gateway to all our learning, we are able to establish a throughline from kindergarten to grade 6, across all grades and classrooms.

We look forward to examining the data and reporting back to parents soon.
Thank you for your time and attention to completing the feedback form.
Your AFS Administrative Team

Helen Sharpe and Matthew Littel

Mar 01
March 1, 2022

Good morning parents and guardians,As you might have heard, we are no longer required to maintain single classroom cohorts, yippee!!!Starting this morning we have adjusted our entry plans. All grades 1 and 2 students came in their door in quick succession, immediately followed by the grades 3 and 4 classroom that uses the same door. It made the entry process faster, it made the hallways busier, it was a great morning.For morning and lunch recesses we have changed to grade cohorts. Grades 3-6 are outside from 10-10:15 and the first part of lunch, grades 1 and 2 are outside from 10:15 - 10:30 and the second part of lunch. We are "opening up" gradually, by going to grade group cohorts to allow students, and staff, time to adjust to groupings three times the size of what they have recently experienced, to apply social skills in a larger group setting, and to set everybody up for success in sharing spaces. Thanks for your understanding and support as we adjust to our "new/returning normal."If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please plan to join us for our council meeting tomorrow night, 6:30, online, the link is on our website, and will be shared via email tomorrow night as well. See you then.Your AFS Administrative TeamHelen Sharpe and Matthew Littel​

Feb 11
February 11, 2022

​Good afternoon,

Thank you to our parent volunteers today who helped label and distribute all our rapid test kits and masks. As before, when you need/want more masks please let us know. The teachers have extras in their classes and will sent them home on request. As per the government and CBE announcements, mask wearing will no longer be required for our students starting on Monday. Families are encouraged to have conversations with their children to discuss their choices and the reasons behind how they will be moving forward. If you could please reinforce that some families will be choosing to continue to wear masks, while others will not. All choices will be honoured in our classrooms. Teachers will be reinforcing tolerance, kindness, and understanding. How appropriate that the first day of these new regulations coincidences with Valentine's Day! Thank you for your continued support and understanding. 

As you know, further changes will continue to be implemented as the month continues. We will continue to follow guidelines as outlined by the provincial government and the CBE. We are very hopeful that our single classroom cohorts will be able to grow on March 1! Watch your email for further information from the CBE.

This week we also welcomed Mr. Littel to our building. He has had the opportunity to meet a great number of our students and is working to get to know more about each one of them. Both he and I are outside most mornings, please come and say good morning, tell us who your child is, help us learn a little bit more about each of our students and what's important to them. 

Next week is a short one, only 3 days for students. There will be lots of changes and excitement. Sometimes those short weeks are especially hard for our young learners. With our own children we have used some of the strategies referenced here:​ replace the word teacher with parent and you're set!

Enjoy some beautiful time together with your families. 

Your AFS Administrative Team,
Helen Sharpe and Matthew Littel

Feb 03
Report Cards and School Fees
​Good morning,

If you have not yet done so please take a few moments to set up your Power School Account. If you do not have your child’s CBE number, you can ask them (they use it to access technology, and can also see it on their IRIS profile), or you can call the office for assistance. Please note, we will ask you some "skill testing" questions related to your child to confirm approved access.

It is important to note that Power School does not work properly on a phone. You must use a computer. After you have set up your account, you can use it to see your child's report cards (live now), set up conferences (March 3), and pay your fees (available now).

When paying fees please remember to go into the School Based Optional fees as well. You will find our enhanced art fee and possibly some onsite field trip fees. Simply put the items into your shopping cart and they are ready to be paid. If you have already paid, please confirm that the teacher has not added fees to the cart. Make sure to only put the fee into your basket once. There are currently $3000+ outstanding school based fees. ALL students will be included in ALL activities, regardless of their ability to pay fees, we ask that you pay what you can, when you can, or call us to have a conversation as to how we can support you, provide waivers, etc.

Please click ​for information on navigating your Power School Account.​

Thank you,
AFS Administrative Team​

Jan 28
January 28, 2022

All CBE report cards will go live on Tuesday, February 1. You can access them through your myCBEaccount. Our teachers have crafted documents that share your child's current learning, identify next steps in learning, as well as those areas that your child has demonstrated extra support are required to benefit to their learning. 

Specific information about what your child is learning can be accessed through the weekly teacher communication that outlines what has been happening in the class each week. 

For more information to guide your understanding of the report card document please refer to the CBE Ho​​w Is My Child Doing In School? document.

Recommended questions to support your child’s learning 

Questions you might ask your child about how they are doing in school:
• What are you looking forward to doing tomorrow in school?
• What was your favorite part of your day?
• Did you get frustrated with anything at school today?
• Were you able to finish all of your work today?
• In relation to any work they might be bringing home ask them what they are learning about.
• What are you studying these days that really interests you?
• Tell me one new thing you learned at school today and I'll tell you one thing I learned at work.
• Was the test you were studying for as hard/easy as you thought it would be? What kind of questions were on it?
• If you could do over today, what would you do differently?

The report card should provide you with current insights to the following questions: 
• What do you see as my child’s strengths?
• Where can my child improve?

If your child has a special education code and therefore is receiving an IPP, that document will provide you with current insights into many of the following questions:
• What do you see as my child's individualized needs?
• What signs are you aware of that indicate that my child is struggling?
• What priorities for learning have you identified?
• How does this program meet my child’s needs? 
• How do the IPP and Report Card work together to communicate my child’s progress?
• Are there any additional supports being provided to my child? 
• Are there times of the day that are more difficult than others? • How is my child involved in making decisions about their learning?

Jan 21
January 21, 2022

​It has been another eventful week here at Alex Ferguson School. The energy and enthusiasm generated by Three Left Feet, our Artist in Residence for the grades 1/2/5/6 teams is infectious (in the best way possible)! Check out the post on the website to see some of the students during their dance time. Move pictures will be posted as the residency continues over the next two weeks. 

Masks, thank you parents and community members, the number of masks we have needed to hand out each morning has drastically reduced. We have packages of masks, as provided by the Alberta government, on site for distribution as needed. Teachers have communicated how they would like you to let them know when you need another package sent home. We will let everyone know when we have run out, until then, please communicate with your child's homeroom teacher to access this provided resource.

School council - Did you know? You are a member of school council! When you registered your child at AFS you became a member of the school council, the same applies for all schools in Alberta. This week, on Wednesday evening at 6:30 we will be meeting for our first meeting of 2022. Please plan to join us. Ms. Harder, one of grades 1 and 2 teachers, will be sharing learning in her classroom. Administration will be sharing what life inside AFS looks like at the moment, upcoming engagement opportunities, and insights into how the school communicates with the school community.

Access the link from the school council page of our AFS website: ​
We look forward to seeing you then. 

Your AFS Adminstrative Team,
Helen Sharpe and Tianna Melnyk

Jan 17
January 17, 2022

​Dear Parents and Guardians,
We were thankful to be able to welcome students, staff, and volunteers back into the building last week. After distributing more sanitizing supplies, reviewing expectations with staff and students, and getting back into our AFS groove we are feeling confident that we are doing everything we can to mitigate transfer of germs, based on current directives from AHS. We continue to follow their guidelines closely. 
AFS was fortunate to be one of the first CBE schools to receive our allotment of masks and rapid antigen test kits as provided by the Alberta government. Thanks to parent volunteers we were able to safely repackage the masks, label kits, and distribute to students on Friday. This was a time consuming task and we are so thankful for the support of our families. Thanks also to all who sent us notes of support and encouragement as we returned to in school teaching and learning.

This coming week marks the return of Artists in Residence to our building. They have been missed! Three Left Feet will be working with all grades 1/2/5/6 students starting on Monday. Ewa, a visual artist, will be working with all K/3/4 students in January and February. Ask your child questions about their experiences to gain insight as to what they are learning. Probing questions should help elicit more detailed responses! Try some of these:

- Tell me about what you learned in the gym today. 
- When you went to the gym and worked with Ms. Allara, what was the most interesting thing she taught you?
- When Ms. Ewa was in your class what materials did you use? What did you do with the materials?
- What do you want to learn more about?
- What do you think you'll be doing next time you meet with the artist?

A reminder: Friday marks the cut off for next week's fun lunch orders.
Your AFS Leadership Team,
Helen Sharpe and Tianna Melnyk

Jan 04
January 4, 2022

Good afternoon AFS families,

We trust that you all had a relaxing winter break and that you staying warm today. Once again there are very few people in our building. It is strange being in the school without the joy, energy, and laughter of all the students. We miss them.

This week most teachers are able to work from home while they prepare lessons, tasks, assessment, and reporting documents. We were able to have an online meeting this morning and wish each other a Happy New Year, we wish the same to all of you. At this point we do not know what next week will look like. We know that the Minister of Education will provide us direction near the end of the week, we also know the CBE will follow those directions and provide us all more guidelines based on the government expectations. I will also be in touch with you, when I have more to share, regarding our next right steps at AFS.

This afternoon I have some bittersweet news to share. As part of her continuing professional journey, Tianna Melnyk, our amazing AP, has accepted a position at Capitol Hill School as their new Assistant Principal. We are thankful for all that Tianna has done for AFS over the past 3+ years. Her guidance and consistency will be missed. We wish her well in her new endeavours and appreciate that we will continue to benefit from all she has to offer until February 4.

We look forward to welcoming all our students and staff back to school soon.
Helen Sharpe and all AFS staff

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