Student Showcase

Working and Learning Together

Back to School and Working Together | Mrs. Abboud, Mrs. Close, Ms. McWilliams

Students in grade 1 & 2 have been working on cooperative building tasks to “develop an understanding and appreciation of how identity and self-esteem are enhanced by their sense of belonging.” (Alberta Curriculum). Students are learning to share materials, re-used postconsumer packaging and cooperatively brainstorm ideas and develop a plan for creating a prototype. So far, students have embraced the opportunity to design a new and improved crayon box (based on the story The Crayon Box that Talked) and designed a model for a doghouse for Sparky the Fire Dog (integrated with our learning about fire safety). Through these projects students are becoming, “active members in a community (that) contribute to the well-being, growth and vitality of their classroom.” (Alberta Curriculum). 


Student Leadership AMA Patrols | Grade 5/6

On September 27th, Alex Munro’s Grade 5/6 students had the choice to participate in becoming community leaders by learning what it means to become an AMA School Patroller during our AMA School Patrol training session with Constable Kovacs. Students learned the basics of what it takes to create safer school zones by becoming educated towards traffic and pedestrian safety.

With a commitment to making communities safer, the AMA School Patrol program offers students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and help keep children safe in the school zones. The program additionally offers the school patrollers unique opportunities and access to special events, such as the annual appreciation picnic held at Heritage Park at the end of the year.

Alex Munro is happy to announce that our school crosswalk will be patrolled by our grade 5/6 students every day before and after school to help ensure the safety of our students.  “What starts at the crosswalk, extends to the community”. 

See you at the crosswalk!

How Do Our Individual Choices Affect The World | Grade 3/4 

Our Grade Three and Grade Four team is thrilled to have been accepted into a Campus Calgary Open Minds (CCOM) program this year! Ms. Lai and Ms. Bedard’s classes will be attending ZOO SCHOOL in April 2020, and Ms. Quan and Ms. Hunt’s classes will be attending CITY HALL SCHOOL in May 2020. Our learning experiences throughout the school year will provoke our students to explore a thoughtful and comprehensive Big Question, which will prepare us for our CCOM experience next Spring. The inter-curricular connections that will revolve around our Big Question will lead much of the learning and investigation for our students. We have already discussed, “How do you our individual choices affect the world?” in multiple contexts, including looking at child climate-change activist, Greta Thunberg, and her actions to educate and influence policy change around the globe. We read and discussed the book, “If Kids Ran the World”, watched videos featuring child experts, and had discussions about Greta Thunberg and the ripple effects of her perseverance. After brainstorming what an expert is, how to become an expert, and what to do when you are an expert, students identified areas that they have their own expertise in. We connected our own expertise to our collective Big Question, and now we wonder.....What can we do to help change the world?

This is going to be an amazing year | Kindergarten

We have been learning new routines and becoming accustomed to school life through our interactions with the various learning centers: Dramatic Play, Building, Art, Puzzles and Games. We are meeting new friends and having so much fun together. We continue to build our numeracy and literacy through daily activities.

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