Grade 6


General Math Sites with Worksheets and Flashcards

A+ Math 
Here you can do flashcards with adding, subtracting, rounding, multiplying and dividing on the computer! The game will tell you if the answer is correct, and if you get it wrong, it tells you the right one. There are two forms of cards; one requires Java, and one does not. The non-Java cards include fractions. 

Print and Learn Math Sheets 
Here you can print out lots of worksheets to practice Math skills at home. 

Teacher Link from Utah State University
This site has very large downloadable workbooks that let you add, subtract, multiply and divide. You will have to print these on your printer to do the worksheets. There are some handwriting worksheets as well, but they only have capital letters.


(Number Concepts and Operations) 

Arithmetic Four 
Here you chose the operations and compete against a friend (or yourself) to win tokens. You win when you have four tokens in a row. 

Coloring Multiples in Pascal's Triangle
In this game you click on all of the numbers that are divisible by the number the computer gives you. You can make the triangle larger or smaller to change the level of difficulty. You can also keep score. 

Coloring Remainders in Pascal's Triangle
This game is similar to the previous game except that you will be looking for remainders left over after dividing the numbers by the number the computer gives you. You can make the triangle larger or smaller to change the level of difficulty. You can also keep score. 

In this game you create an array that demonstrates the factors of a number given to you by the computer. After each correct answer you get to demonstrate another set of factors. When you have all of the factors, a happy face will appear. 

Math Baseball 
This site lets you play baseball using basic facts to score runs! 

Fraction Pointer 
On this site you click to create fractions of boxes or circles. You have to create two fractions, the first one smaller than the second one! 

Fresh Baked Fractions from the Learning Network 
Pick a level and test your fraction knowledge. 

Patterns Relations 

(Variables and Equations) 

Comparison Estimator 
In this game you estimate the number of shapes in two boxes and decide which one has more. The game keeps track of your correct guesses for you. 

More or Less Estimator
In this game you estimate the length of a curved line or number of shapes. The game will tell you whether or not you are correct and keeps your score. 

Shape and Space 

(Measurement, 2D Shapes and 3D Objects and Transformations) 

Perimeter Explorer  
Here you can create a shape by selecting the area. The game creates the shape and you type the perimeter. The game tells you whether or not your answer is correct and you can try new shapes that are the same or different sizes. Is the perimeter always the same if the shape's area is the same? 

Shape Explorer 
Here you adjust the maximum size of the shape, and the computer creates it for you. You calculate the area and perimeter and the computer tells you whether or not you are correct. 

General Coordinates Game
This is a very easy game where you plot the coordinates of a picture on four quadrant grid. If this game is too difficult, try Simple Coordinates Game where the grid is only two quadrants. 

This is a great site where you can experiment with tessellating shapes. You get to alter the look and color of the shapes and then watch them tesselate into a picture. 

Statistics and Probability 

(Data Analysis and Chance and Uncertainty) 

Stem and Leaf Plotter 
Here you enter data and the game plots it on a graph for you. You have to calculate the Mean, Median and Mode. (If you have trouble, you can get the computer to calculate it for you) 

Understanding Experimental Probability
This game lets you try different ways to explore the probability of a spinner or dice landing on a certain color or number. The game tallies the results so you can see how you are doing with your estimates! 

Lesson on Introduction to Probability by Gisele Glosser from Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies, Inc.  
These are simple exercises in probability with links to more difficult exercises. 


Sky Science 

The Nine Planets
This is an extremely comprehensive and well-visited site about the planets and their satellites. It was created by a software engineer at the University of Arizona and has very reliable information. 

Welcome to the Planets 
These are some wonderful photographic images of the planets and their satellites from NASA. 

Planetary Fact Sheets from the National Space Science Data Center 
Here are statistics for each of the planets and their satellites from a department of NASA. 

StarChild - A site for young Astronomers 
This site has lots of information about planets and sky science in general. 

StarDate Online  
An online newspaper from the University of Texas with information about our solar system. There is a section with the phases of the moon by month. You can view any month by selecting the correct month and year. 

Virtual Phases of the Moon
This site lets you decide the date, hour and time zone you want to view the moon's phase and a virtual image will appear. 

This site explains what stars are, how they are born, live and how they die. 

Flight, Air and Aerodynamics

The Hangar Flight Museum
This site is from Calgary's local Aviation Museum, and includes links to programs, descriptions of local exhibits and airplanes. 

Alberta Aviation Museum
This site contains lots of information about the local aviation community, including biographies of local pilots and upcoming events in Alberta. 

Aviation History Online Museum
This site has detailed information on the history of flight including lots of photograhs of planes and photos and history of famous pilots. 

Canada Aviation Museum 
This site offers a huge inventory of images and information about types of aircraft. From this page you can search inAlphabetical order of by period of the plane. (See links at the side) 

History of Flight 
This is a timeline of some important dates in the history of aviation from the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum. 

National Air and Space Museum 
This is the site of the Smithsonian Institute and includes many links to famous aviators, planes and current information from NASA. 

What Makes an Airplane Fly? 
This site has lots of useful information about the history and principles of flight. Click on the links at the top. 

How Birds Fly--a Journey North In-Depth Lesson supported by the Annenberg Foundation to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  
This site teaches the basics of how birds fly. 

Hoopster from the Exploratorium 
Here you can learn how to make a simple flying hoop machine. 

Spinning Blimps from The Exploratorium 
This will show you how to make a flying, spinning blimp.  

Roto-copter from The Exploratorium 
These are instructions how to make a simple flying helicopter. 

Evidence and Investigation 

Who Dunnit? by Linda C. Joseph and Linda B. Resch 
Here you can explore forensic science, analyze evidence, study a crime scene and even try solving the crime. 

Social Studies


China Virtual Tours
This site has links to descriptions and pictures of many sections and sights in China. 

The Land of Beauty
Here are many large pictures of the scenery and people of China. 

Virtual China
Here you will find links to photographs and descriptions of many regions of China. 

Virtual Tour of the Forbidden City
This site has clickable sections by name or you can click on an labels on an image of the city. 

Terracotta Warriors 
A virtual tour of the Qin dynasty Terracotta Warriors. 

China – Regional ‘Godfather’ or local bully?
This is an article by CNN based on a 1999 news special.  

Inside China Today 
This site has two weeks of current news are posted by the European Internet Network, Inc. 

Modern information including population, geography, culture.  

Chinese New Year
This site explains the celebrations and importance of Chinese New Year. 

Freedom Heroes - TIANANMEN SQUARE 
A description of the reasons behind the student protest and the resulting conflict. 

English Language Arts 

Homework Center – Writing Skills
This site teaches gives lots of tips on writing essays, research papers, book reports and spelling and grammar. 

Language Arts Paragraph Builder from Writing Den
This part of this site reminds you how to create good paragraphs, including types of paragraphs and organization. 

Language Arts Essay Builder from Writing Den
This site will help you with tips for introductory, supporting and summary paragraphs, as well as how to write a good essay. by Mirriam-Webster 
Find the link to "Student dictionary" to type in the word that you need the meaning for.  

ABC’s of the Writing Process created by A.E. Lipkewich and R. Mazurenko, Edmonton Public School Board 
Ignore the banner ads and use the suggestions here to improve your writing.  

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