K - 1


Sesame Street 
This is the Sesame Street website. It has lots of games and things to do with all of the characters you know!

Language Arts

Jan Brett's Website 
This is the website of the author of many books for young children, including The Mitten, The Wild Christmas Reindeer and Christmas Trolls. Her wonderful site has lots of games and activities related to the characters in her books.

Robert Munsch's Website
This site offers some details about the life of the author and the influences for his many popular children's books.

Eric Carle's Website
This site contains a list of books by the author, a biography and an online newsletter.


A+ Math 
Here you can do flashcards with adding and subtracting on the computer! The game will tell you if the answer is correct, and if you get it wrong, it tells you the right one. (There are two forms of cards; one requires Java, and one does not)

This site lets you review concepts and practice them online. It scores you and tells you the correct answers. The concepts include most taught in Grade 3.

Connect the Dots
This is a connect the dots game that you can play online!

Find a Number
Here you can show how well you recognize numbers by helping Bill find the same number that is behind his feathers! (Requires Shockwave)

Find One More
Here you can show how well you can remember by finding hidden pairs - it's a Memory game! (Requires Shockwave)

KidZone Free Printable Worksheets - Kindergarten
This site has lots of printable Math worksheets including counting, tracing, connect the dots and ordering.

KidZone Free Printable Worksheets - Grade One
This site has lots of printable Math worksheets covering a variety of topics including counting, connecting the dots, ordering, addition and subtraction, odd and even numbers and learning to tally. The site also contains worksheets for other subject areas, including Language Arts.

Mend the Number Square
Here you can show that you know all the numbers from 1 to 100! You have to cover the worm with the right missing number to win. (Requires Shockwave)

Print and Learn Math Sheets 
Here you can print out lots of worksheets to practice Math skills at home.

Teacher Link from Utah State University
This site has very large downloadable workbooks that let you add and subtract. You will have to print these on your printer to do the worksheets.

Test the Toad
This site has a fun interactive game that lets you test how well you can add and subtract! There is also a link to printable worksheets. (Requires Shockwave)


This site has lots of fun activities and games - all about colours!

Winter Crossword Puzzle
A special crossword puzzle that you do online.

Winter Word Search
This is a printable word search.

Coloring Pages for Seasons
These pages can be opened and printed to color at home.

How Animals and Plants Survive the Winter
This site has information and links on how animals and plants survive winter in Canada.

Social Studies

Family Crossword Puzzle 

An online crossword puzzle that is all about families.

Culture Quest World Tour
This site from the Internet Public Library offers information about people and celebrations in countries around the world.

Holidays from Around the World 

This site has links to information shared by children from around the world about what makes holidays special in their country.

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