Jun 15
All Boys

We are a single-gender learning environment that strives to provide a learning experience for boys from grades 1 through to 6.  Our goal is to provide learning that is rich and connected to the 21st century world outside of the classrooms. We have an environment that understands boys as learners, their need to have hands on, experiential learning opportunities and their needs to be successful.  We support learning by implementing strategies throughout the day that supports the boys' entry into learning.  These strategies include but are not limited to: movement breaks throughout the day, alternate seating within the environment and a pedagogical approach that allows the boys to have hands on experiences when it makes sense. 

We also support their learning through the lens of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). We marry hands on inquiry-based exploration with environmental impacts, repurposing of spent electronics, robotics, coding and mathematical logic puzzles. We believe that through our work with the boys they will transition to their next school experience in Junior High knowing themselves as learners, knowing how to access information in a meaningful manner and participate in their own learning.

We believe that interpersonal relationships with the boys is critical to their success here and we take pride in providing opportunities to develop those relationships both inside the classroom and beyond by providing a rich learning environment that includes opportunities for the boys to join clubs and leadership opportunities. We are constantly evolving and looking at ways to make learning happen at the All Boys Program and we are very proud of our boys and the engagement they have every day in their learning.​​​

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