Having a school environment that is conducive to learning is critical at the All-Boys. We strive to have less rules and have meaningful ones that will apply over several circumstances. Establishing these expectations occurs at the beginning of the year and they will evolve throughout the school year when necessary.

Establishing Classroom & School Routines

  • Teachers and students discuss school expectations at the beginning of the school year. Repeat when necessary throughout the year.
  • Teachers and students develop classroom rules and routines together.
  • Rules should describe positive behaviour.
  • 5 rules, clearly stated in the affirmative, consistently applied
  • Post the expectations.
  • Principal will provide an overview at the first assembly of the year, and reminders during the year when needed.
  • Consistently reinforce the expectations.
  • Establish a consequence plan for the class (e.g. timeout, loss of privilege).
  • Inform parents.
  • Involve principal and/or resource teacher.

School Behaviour Plan & Consequences

  • Supervisor in charge (teachers, support staff, lunchroom staff) will work to resolve incidents.
  • Supervisor informs homeroom teacher of incident.
  • Homeroom teacher follows class behaviour plan with consequences.
  • Supervisor in charge and homeroom teacher decide to involve principal and/or resource teacher.
  • In office, student completes Student Incident Report.
  • Principal (or designate) meets with the student(s) for a conversation to seek resolution or consequences.
  • Principal (or designate) consults with supervisor involved and homeroom teacher.
  • Principal (designate) decides on further action: meeting with parents, consequences, monitoring behaviour, in-school or at-home suspension.
  • Teacher or principal informs parents.

School Expectations for Students

Students shall:

  • Conform to the regulations related to Policy 6001 on discipline.
  • Attend school regularly and arrive in classes punctually.
  • Account for absences and tardiness as required by the school.
  • Be clean and tidy, both in personal care and dress.
  • Be diligent in preparing for and engaging in studies.
  • Be kind and courteous to classmates.
  • Be obedient to and respectful of all school staff.
  • Conform to school expectations regarding their behaviour at school or school activities; on the way to and from school or school activities; and on vehicles utilized for the transportation of students to and from school and school activities.
  • Be respectful of the property of the Board, of the community, and of persons.
  • Replace or pay for any school prop.

Classroom and In the School

  • Students will follow expectations as laid out by teachers and other supervisors.
  • When moving as a class students walk in the halls.
  • Students are to leave toys and valuables at home unless requested for classroom activities. This includes collector cards, hand held games, cell phones etc. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Personal electronic items are not allowed, unless requested by classroom teacher.
  • Students are to wear proper footwear in gym class. Students are also required to wear indoor footwear during all other classes.
  • Teachers/ students must notify parents if students are staying after school for a specified purpose.
  • Students are to use trash and recycling containers
  • Snacks are eaten in classroom.
  • Healthy snacks (fruit, energy bars, cheese slices) are encouraged.


  • Students are to proceed to assemblies in an orderly fashion.
  • Students are to wait quietly for assembly items to begin. When asked to do so through a signal or through the MC at the microphone, students are to be silent.
  • Classes will be assigned a seating arrangement at the first assembly.
  • Teachers are responsible for the behaviour of all students at the assembly.
  • Teachers are responsible to make arrangements for students who are unable to participate in assemblies.
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