​​Traffic Safety

Ensuring our students get to school safely is everyone’s responsibility. Please be mindful of crosswalks, parking rules and speed limits when you are near our schools, especially during the morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal times.​ ​​​​

Parking & Drop-Off

Safety in Staff Parking Lot

When dropping off your son at school that the staff parking lot is not an area that you should be accessing to do this. It is not designed for drop offs and we have had a few close calls as people back up and our students are focussed on other things than looking for cars moving in the parking lot. If you have long term business in the school for the day (volunteering) I would invite you to use the parking lot, however if you are dropping and going I would kindly ask that you use the street. There is usually lots of space by the stairs at the east end of the school. We have supervision out on the field by 8:00 AM each morning.

Arrival & Dismissal

  • Bussed students follow directions given by transportation, upon arrival school staff will escort them to the playground.
  • Parents/ Caregivers are reminded that arrival and departure are very busy times and that all must consider the safety of all of our students. Please do not stop or park in the school bus zone. Please also ensure that your student exits your car on the boulevard side of your vehicle for their safety.
  • For safety reasons parents/caregivers are not allowed to enter the school parking lot for drop offs or turn arounds.
  • Upon arrival all students are to proceed to the south entrance to meet their school mates and wait for the entry bell.  If you are coming into the school please adhere to the parking signs on the street and only enter through the front for the door and check in with the Office.
  • Late arrivals and early departures must be signed in or out at the school office.
  • At dismissal time bus students will meet in the front foyer and will be dismissed by the bus supervisor. Summit Kids students proceed to the Summit Classroom. And all other studetns will be dismissed out the south/playground entrance.

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