Discipline Policy

When students make choices regarding behavior, we expect that they take responsibility for their actions and learn from their mistakes. We view the purpose of discipline as follows:

  • To provide conditions that facilitate learning; 
  • To ensure the safety of persons and property;
  • To promote personal development, good citizenship, resiliency and desirable character traits. 

To fulfill these purposes, the majority of disciplinary infractions are tracked to ensure that students are held accountable for their actions. The school administration regularly reviews student activity tracking records and will invest time in students with discipline concerns to ensure that inappropriate behavior is not left unchecked, but dealt with decisively, firmly and respectfully. We recognize that discipline is situation specific; each situation will be dealt with independently and outcomes may be different for each participant. We believe in listening to all perspectives, being consistent, firm and fair in what we do, and above all, recognizing due process.

Parents and students are advised that if early/lesser interventions are not successful in rectifying inappropriate behaviors, that it is the prerogative of the principal and/or designates to issue a 1-5 day suspension, either formal or informal. In the event of a suspension, a Reclamation Meeting (scheduled between 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM) with the parent and student is required prior to readmitting the student into school. In extreme cases of on-going non-compliance for school rules and procedures, the principal may put a student on a home supported leave or recommend expulsion.

The successful resolution of any concerns raised at the school must include the support of parents. We encourage parents to be active in their student’s school and home life. We welcome communication from parents. Parents should inform the school of any concerns.

We expect students to solve problems using appropriate language and to enlist help from adults as needed. Staff is always available to help students resolve conflict.

We expect members of our school community to solve problems without violence, abuse or disrespect.

Drug and Alcohol Agreement

The consumption, distribution, possession and being under the influence of alcohol and drugs that are not prescribed to the individual consuming them, in the dosage recommended by a doctor is prohibited in school. Any activity of this nature will result in immediate removal from school and a referral to the Calgary Police Service. 

Due to the sensitivity of our student population it is expected that students refrain from any use of the substances stated above within 24 hours of school attendance. Furthermore students are not to discuss use of these substances unless it is curricular related and under the direction of a school faculty member. All students upon registering are required to sign the Drug and Alcohol Agreement located under the Resources section on this page.

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