Digital Citizenship

At Andrew Sibbald School, teachers and staff integrate Digital Citizenship (web awareness) into all learning activities that require the use of digital technology. They teach students about the benefits and the challenges that result from use of the internet.

For teachers and students at Andrew Sibbald School, digital technology is a natural and essential part of their school experience. Our students use digital tools throughout the learning process; from the gathering and organizing of information, to the synthesis of that information, and to the presentation of their learning to an audience. Our teachers also make use of digital tools in a variety of ways; for the purposes of assessment; data collection; and to open up avenues to learning conversations.

It is our mission to help students to become safe, savvy, and responsible digital citizens from Kindergarten - Grade 12 and into adulthood. We aim to help our students to communicate, function, and create change on local, national, and global levels, in ways that are responsible and respectful of others. The use of digital devices throughout the learning process, with teacher support and careful supervision, provides opportunities for students to practice digital citizenship in contexts that mirror real life.

The purpose of the CBE Get Connected wireless network is to support teaching and learning and to allow opportunities for students to personalize their learning environment, using the tools available to them such as our school’s iPads, and iPod Touches. As well, it provides opportunities for students to bring in their wireless devices to school and be able to connect to our wireless network. This wireless network provides the same safety filtering as our own CBE owned device network that students use when they are using student laptops. Please note that students are not required to bring devices from home as Andrew Sibbald School has a wide range of technology for students to use and share.

Please use the following as a way to open the discussion about using technology responsibly with your child.

When I use technology I will…

  •  treat others kindly and the way that I wish to be treated.
  • keep in mind that my technology use affects others.
  • be a good online citizen and not do anything that hurts other people or is against the law.
  • seek permission of those in attendance before recording them during a virtual meeting or gathering
  • remember that I need to balance technology use with other activities.
  • tell my parents, teacher or a responsible adult right away if I come across any information that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • not respond to any messages that are mean or that make me feel uncomfortable. If this happens, I will tell a responsible adult right away so that they can help me.
  • treat digital tools (computers, iPads, iPods, cameras, etc.) with respect and care. I will let an adult know immediately if something is not working properly.
  • check with an adult before downloading or installing software.

With the permission of their teacher, students may bring personal devices (e.g. iPad, Netbook MP3 player, etc.) to school for use with the CBE Get Connected Wireless Network. Please note, they are NOT required to do so.

If I choose to bring personal devices to school:

  • I will use them for educational purposes only to support my learning.
  • I will make sure I know how to operate the device before bringing it to school.
  • I understand that the school cannot provide technical support.
  • I will keep my personal device in a safe place at school.
  • I understand that the school is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to my personal device.
  • I will respect the privacy of my classmates. I will record photos and videos of myself or of my own work, not of my classmates.

For further information and resources to support your discussion with your child, please see the information at the link: 

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​​​Digital Citizenship at the CBE

Digital citizenship is about using technology and participating in digital environments. It is key to helping our students learn to use available technology responsibly in the classroom and beyond. Our school has a Digital Citizenship Plan that is updated annually, addressing how we work to build a community where we live and work together as digital citizens.

Visit the CBE website to learn more about how we support students to develop online safety skills and be good digital citizens.​​​