Clubs run in several cycles over the year, with most clubs happening over the lunch hour. A letter went home in September listing all of the clubs and the cycles to help families plan based on children's areas of interest. A sign-up letter comes home at the start of each cycle with the clubs for that cycle and a chance for students to express an interest in joining.  

 We hope that this will help students in making choices based on their interests. The only exceptions are our clubs that last for more than one cycle, or run outside of the cycles. These are outlined below.

Check our Calendar page for specific dates and activities.

Athletic Clubs

Athletic clubs happen after school and are tied to some of the sports being learned in PE classes.  Letters are given to students in the appropriate grades based on student interest.  Parents are asked to sign the letters and return them with their children.  Some clubs, such as basketball, have mini tournaments and meets as their final activity.

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