Due to limited supervision, the following procedures are in place. 

Before the start of the day: the main doors will be unlocked at 7:45 AM for students.

At lunch: the school is closed to all students from 12:05 to 12:31 PM except for students who have paid the lunch fee. These students may stay at school in one of the designated locations.

After school: all students, including those who have to pick up siblings from another school, have to be out of the building and off campus by 2:45 PM (regular days) and 12:15 PM (early dismissal days) unless they are under the direct supervision of a teacher. 

Direct supervision is where the teacher is present and working with student in a classroom, Learning Commons, or other instructional space. When collecting your child after school, Parents/Guardians are asked to be at the school by 2:30 PM. as the school does not have enough staff to supervise students after school. 

Without supervision, students at this age get into mischief and bad things can happen. In fact, as a result of bad things happening after school during unsupervised time in the past, this school policy was created stating that students must be off campus or working with a teacher by 2:45 PM. (12:15 Early Dismissal days). This is for their safety as there is not the staff to supervise them in the front foyer, or outside past 2:45 PM. (12:15 Early Dismissal days). 

Access and ID Cards

  • While in the school all students must carry their Annie Gale School ID card.
  • Staff must wear their CBE ID card in the building.
  • All visitors, including parent/guardian volunteers, must sign in at the Main Office and wear specified visitor identification tags.
  • Students and visitors who do not have their ID cards will be escorted to the office. Students who lose their ID cards may have them replaced for a cost of $2. Students have 24 hours to replace their ID cards through the office.
  • Students need to have a hall pass in order to be in the hallways during class instruction.
  • Visitors, parents/guardians, and volunteers must enter through the school’s front doors (doors where the Canadian flag flies) during school time.
  • For security reasons all deliveries to students during school time (lunch bags, projects, homework, etc.) must be made to the Main Office.

Early Dismissal

Students requesting to leave school before regular dismissal time must bring a dated note. Students must show this note to the appropriate subject teacher and then report to the office prior to leaving the school. The parent/guardian must come into the Main Office to collect the student and sign the student out. 

Emergency Situations

Schools use two types of bells for emergency situations.

  • Continuous ringing of the bell means that everyone (students, staff, parents/guardians, visitors) must move away from the building as there is danger inside the building.
  • Three short bells mean that there is danger outside the building and students and staff must enter the building quickly or go to another safe location.

Once everyone (students, staff, parents/guardians, visitors) is safe and accounted for, parents/guardians will be contacted and told next steps. Parents/Guardians are not to call the school or their child’s cell phone when the continuous bell is ringing as:

  • your call to a cell phone may alert an intruder to your child’s location
  • staff will need all telephone lines available to contact the emergency services

The staff’s first responsibility is to the children. Please allow us to take care of all of the children first before responding to your questions.

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All CBE schools are required to practice lockdowns in the same way that we practice fire drills. The procedures for lockdowns are developed with the Calgary Police Service and are part of each school’s Emergency Response Plan. If you have questions about lockdown drills or lockdown procedures, please contact your principal.

Evacuation Procedures

In the event that the school needs to be evacuated for any reason, all staff have been trained according to CBE standards. All schools have a primary and a secondary evacuation site. In the event of an evacuation, you will receive an email, phone or SMS notification from the school.