At Annie Gale School, student behaviour and the school discipline policy is based on the expectation that all students will respect the rights and property of others. Respecting the rights and property of others means that all students have a right to learn, the right to feel safe, and the right to personal space and property.

You are not going to get along with everyone all of the time. You certainly cannot control what people say about you behind your back. Parents/Guardians can problem solve ways to deal with peer interactions. Given this, we expect students to put some time and distance between themselves and situations that cause an extreme negative emotional reaction. Our steps are as follows:

  1. Use a calm, firm voice and say, “Stop”, then
  2. Remove yourself from the situation, then
  3. Tell adults (parents/guardians, teachers, counsellor, administration, police) about the problem until someone helps 


“Bullying” is repeated and hostile or demeaning behaviour by an individual in the community where the behaviour is intended to cause harm, fear or distress to one or more other individuals in the community, including psychological harm or harm to an individual’s reputation.

We expect students to be honourable citizens within and around the Annie Gale School community by being respectful of the neighbours and service industries around our school. Students are expected to use the community respectfully and to take care of the environment.

Students are expected to be respectful in conversations especially those that that may occur with students on Facebook, blogs, cell phone texting or any other form of digital messaging within and outside of school.

In Canada, the third week in November is devoted to Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. For more information, go to Safe and Caring Schools & Communities


Cyberbullying is defined as intentionally using technology such as emails, social networking, texts, cell phones, instant messaging to harass, defame, offend, and insult other individuals. It is intentional hostile, aggressive behaviour toward another individual or group of individuals.

Smoking or Vaping

In accordance with CBE Policy, all schools and school property are smoke-free environments. This policy applies to everyone - staff, visitors and students. Provincial law and CBE regulations provide for fines or suspension for non-compliance. Since it is against the law for children to smoke, a student found smoking on or around the school property may face suspension from school. A student in possession of cigarettes or a lighter on school property will face disciplinary action. Electronic/vapor and regular cigarettes are not permitted on campus.

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