​​Regular Program at the CBE

Even though most of our schools offer a regular program, no two are quite the same. All schools teach according to Alberta Education’s mandated curriculum, however a school’s focus, optional courses and school activities are as unique as every school.​​​

Program, Focus & Approach

Work Sessions Available

Work Sessions are available to students who need further clarification on concepts or who wish to complete homework before leaving school each day. Teachers will be available during the lunch break or after school on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Schedules can be viewed on our Classes & Department page. 

Success in Learning

Every parent/guardian wants their children to have a good life. One factor that impacts quality of life is level of education. There is a strong correlation between families that make education a priority and child success in school. A number of components contribute to overall success in learning.

At Annie Gale School we want each individual student to have as much choice about their future as is possible. For this to happen, each student must push themselves to learn to the best of their capabilities. As well, the adults in their world need to support the child in this endeavour.

Students learn best when they are afforded the opportunity to:

  • apply and expand current knowledge
  • construct meaning
  • draw on previous learning experiences
  • experience success
  • learn from each other
  • make personal connections, and
  • recognize the significance of life-long learning

Students are responsible for their own learning and are to:

  • ask questions
  • access help outside of class time as needed
  • check D2L for daily, weekly and monthly assignments
  • check HomeLogic to track progress and for missed assignments
  • complete and hand in assignments
  • complete assignments to the best of their ability. That is, if the student is capable of a 4 but only hands in work assessed at a 2, the student will likely be asked to do the assignment again. We expect students to reach for their potential - no settling for less than your best
  •  make up all missed work when absent
  • be active participants in their learning
  • push themselves to do the best they are capable of doing, and
  • review content daily

Parents/guardians working in partnership with the school need to provide an environment that supports learning and success for their child by:

  • accessing HomeLogic regularly to check on their child’s progress, attendance & assignment completion
  • checking to ensure homework is completed
  • ensuring that their child completes missed work due to absences. Note: in middle school students have to demonstrate their understanding on ALL outcomes which is why missed work due to absences must be completed to the best of the child’s ability
  • ensuring their child takes advantage of Work Sessions for help or clarification
  • ensuring their child attends school every day, every period, no exceptions
  • ensuring their child sleeps in an electronic free environment (no cell phone, iPod, computer, etc.) and
  • setting up a regular time and location for homework to be completed

Whenever possible, decisions should be made collaboratively in ways which involve all members of our school community (i.e. students, parents/guardians, and staff).

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​​Exploring Career Choices

For Grades 5 to 9 at the CBE, we offer Career & Technology Foundations (CTF). This is an inquiry-based, hands-on program that focuses on essential skills common to occupational areas, and our students personalize their learning based on their interests and passions.​​​

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