Helping at Home

We have found that in order for children to reach their potential as learners, the following conditions need to be in place in the home and supported positively:

Home Reading 

Children who have at or above grade level reading comprehension do better in school. However, they must read both in and out of school in order for reading comprehension levels to increase. The staff at Annie Gale School would like to encourage all family members (children, parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, friends) living in the same home, to come together in one room every day and read aloud in English for 20 minutes.

Annie Gale School students could borrow a book from our school Learning Commons and this could be the book that is read each day as a family. Research has shown that in homes where children see adults reading, the children value reading, read more and their learning at school increases. For our families where English is a language that is being learned, reading in English will help to improve spoken English which in turn benefits everyone.

In order to qualify to attend a post-secondary institution (e.g. college, university, institute of technology), parents/guardians must expect their children to read at home and work to increase their reading comprehension level to at least their current grade.

Regular Review of Subject Content

Children should review what was covered in each class daily. This review can take place by sharing with a family member or by reading notes and reflecting on what was learned.

Homework Completion

Assignments not finished in class, are to be completed for homework. The CBE Administrative Regulation 3066 - Homework states in middle school, “pupils are expected to study from one-half to one hour per school night.” We ask parents/guardians to support the school in promoting this important part of your child’s education. 

 Student Guidelines

  • Assignments are to be completed to the best of ability. That is, if students are capable of a 4 but hand in work assessed at a 2, they will likely be asked to do the assignment again. We expect students to reach for their potential - no settling for less than your best
  • When work is assigned, take home all that is needed to do the work. Forgetting the proper book, papers, map, etc. creates problems completing the assignment at home
  • Use the D2L course that the teacher has created to access all information. Communicate with the teacher via D2L or email
  • Set up a designated space and time to complete homework and study, and
  • Access HomeLogic regularly to check for missing assignments

Uninterrupted Sleep

Research tells us that our brains need adequate sleep in order to allow us to function well. Children need 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. What researchers have found is that while many children go to bed at a reasonable time, their sleep is interrupted by text messages throughout the night. Parents/Guardians need to remove all electronic communication devices from their child’s bedroom so that the child can have an uninterrupted sleep. The positive benefits to learning and behaviour will be dramatic.

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