Apr 21
Welcome to Arbour Lake School!

Our school serves the communities of Arbour Lake, Citadel and Scenic Acres. We are home to two specialized system classes and house "The Class" and the Literacy and Learning program for students in grades 7-9. 

Our goal as a collective is to ensure that Arbour Lake School is the community school of choice for all students in grades 5-9. We are student centred and understand the unique developmental needs adolescent learners and we are committed to working collaboratively with families to support the learning and growth of every student.

As the principal of Arbour Lake and a parent myself, I believe in ensuring that all that occurs at Arbour Lake School would be as I would want it to be for my own child. Additionally, I am a firm believer that middle school should be a place where it is safe to make mistakes and learn from these. With high expectations, proper support and opportunity​ to learn and grow with compassionate adult support, all students can find success at Arbour Lake School.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time.

​Nancy Lisi, Principal

Aug 25
Staggered Entry Plan


Dear Arbour Lake School Families,                                                                


We are in the final stages of completing our Arbour Lake School Re-Entry plan that will contain information specific to our school.  The complete Arbour Lake Re-Entry plan will be posted on our website and emailed to you on Friday, August 28th


However, there is an important part of the re-entry plan that we wanted to share with you today because it will require child care arrangements and we wanted to give everyone a full week to plan for this change.


We are implementing a Staggered Entry Plan for September 1-3. This will allow for an orderly orientation of students to the new realities, rules, practices and procedures of the school environment. A staggered start will also provide opportunities for ensuring student understanding of the importance of new safety practices and protocols and the importance of compliance, while ensuring sufficient physical distancing in the first few days of school.


All staggered starts will follow regular bus schedules and students will be at school from 8am – 2:31pm.




Tuesday, September 1                        Grades 5 and 7

Wednesday, September 2                  Grade 6 and 8

Thursday, September 3                      Grade 9

Friday, September 4                           All Students attend regular Friday schedule (8am – 12pm)


Homeroom teachers will meet students outside. Teachers will have signs with their names on them. Students will meet teachers in the following areas:


  • Grade 5, 6                   North Field
  • Grade 7, 8 and 9         Outside the Main Doors         


    Teachers will escort students in single file to their grade assigned doors and then to classrooms. Moving forward, these doors will be the ones students will access on a daily basis.

  • Grade 5           North Door adjacent to the north field
  • Grade 6           NW Teacher Parking Lot Door
  • Grade 7           SW Door adjacent to the ball diamond
  • Grade 8           Main Entrance
  • Grade 9           Middle SW Door




    Please do not enter OR park in the school parking lot. Additionally, please do not park on the west side of the school along Arbour Lake Road. This is our bus drop off zone.


    Parents dropping of students for the first time and wishing to see them make contact with their homeroom teacher may do so by following social distancing protocols. Moving forward we thank you for respecting our safety by remaining outside and not congregating in groups during drop off and pick up times.


    We look forward to welcoming our children back to school and encourage your to stay up to date through the CBE and Arbour Lake School websites.




    Nancy Lisi,


    Arbour Lake School


May 20
Welcome Grade 5s

Hello Arbour Lake Families - Old and Incoming! 

Normally around this time of year we are hosting an Open House to welcome our incoming grade 5s. Sadly, this year we are unable to do so face-to-face, but we have put together a virtual tour and a quick meet and greet with teachers! 

We cannot wait to meet our new Grade 5s when school resumes and we are all able to come together again in a safe and healthy way. In the meantime, know we are here waiting to welcome you all!



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