Classes & Departments

Grade 5 Team

5.1 Skjerpen, T.-Learning
5.2 Gedlaman,
5.3 TBT
5.4 Moore,

Grade 6 Team

6.1 Quigley, J.-Learning
6.2 Loudon,
6.3 Gilson,
6.4 Miller,
6.5 Walker,

Grade 7 Team

Slade, D.-Learning
7.1 McFarlane,
7.2 Jang,
7.3 Julian,
7.4 Krzyzanska,
7.5 McKeon,

Grade 8 Team

Ness, S.-Learning
8.1 Maris,
8.2 Whyte,
8.3 Cousin,
8.4 Bains Charbonneau,
8.5 Viccars

Grade 9 Team

9.1 Berndtsson, J.-Learning
9.2 TBT
9.3 Sayed,
9.4 Pohyia,
9.5 Fischer,

Career & Technology Studies (CTS)

Hertzsprung, L.-Learning

Physical Education/Athletics

MacDougall, J.-Learning

Specialized Classes

Inclusive Learning
Samuelson, C.-Learning Leader
Behavioral Support Workers
Teachers-The Class

Tompkins, A.

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Great job by students from @MandelaUnited! So great to see students giving back to their communities #WeAreCBE

Is it back to school time already? Not quite, but modified calendar schools return on Aug 15 and traditional calendar schools on Sept 1. Here’s some information for anyone planning ahead: #WeAreCBE

There is still time to apply to be part of the 2022-23 Minister’s Parent & Teacher Advisory Councils. The deadline has been extended until Monday, Aug. 15 #yycbe

These new inclusive playgrounds look like fun for everyone! #WeAreCBE