CTF Grade 7

Career & Technology Foundations

Business/Passion 7 Pathways 7:  In this course students discuss the different components that make businesses successful – including strategies related to marketing, research, advertising, and budgeting. They also take a look at the stock market and how investing works. They discuss a variety of career opportunities related to the business world, and options for becoming involved in business-related courses and programs at high school and at the post-secondary level.

Athletic Leadership 7: Is designed for students interested in athletics and who want to learn more and be involved with leadership opportunities around athletics. Students may have the opportunity to implement an intramural program, help coach or mentor younger students in a variety of activities, and be involved in Arbour Lake athletics as team managers, scorekeepers, and other roles. We will also learn more about how the human body works and ways to prevent or treat common sports injuries. Students discuss the importance of nutrition for athletes and research careers in the sport/athletics field.  

Foods 7:  Students have an opportunity to look at general healthy eating habits.  They work on menu design and preparing recipes based on altering for size needs.  They have plenty of opportunities to test and work on their cooking skills in various ways.  

Applied Tech 7 Structures: In this course students use the knowledge they gained in science and math class and experience it in a real world application. Students learn how to design and build their own model crane, Create 3D models of on the computer and get it approved for construction. Students also discover soldering, wire a simple motor and switch or put lights on their crane. Students learn the skills needed to make their projects come to life!

Drama 7:  Drama is an exploration into drama techniques and the theatre. Students will explore technical theatre, theatre history, how to read a play and learn skills for memorizing lines. Students will be involved in acting in front of a live audience.  

Art 7: This course is designed for students to acquire a variety of approaches to recording visual information.  Students will develop techniques and skills that develop competence in creating compositions, application of different color mediums as well as plan out their images in order to learn proportion and spacing.  Students will select and apply line, value and texture in their work with both pencil and water based mediums.  Students will be introduced to an art “literacy” that they can use to describe their work.  In addition, students learn the differences between progression, alteration, and exaggeration in their art works as well as an introduction to the similarities and differences in expressions of selected cultural groups.  The ceramics or “craft” component to the course includes hand- building skills in clay such as attaching pieces properly, carving techniques, removing weight and weight distribution, meaningful uses for the work as well as glazing and firing processes.  For the grade 7 design component, students will utilize the various tools and templates to create their own motifs and patterns as well as apply accurate measurements to their design work.  

Natural Resources 7:  Natural Resource students learn about the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.  Students will develop motivation and commitment to work towards the conservation and responsible use of air, energy, forests, land, water, and wildlife through experiential learning. 

Instrumental Music (Band) 7 – Band is a full year course:  Students will play either a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument throughout the year while exploring and improving skills and knowledge related to theoretical, historical, and technical aspects of music.  

French 7 French is a full year course:  Students learn to understand and respond to oral and written language in French. Each class, students will learn and practice skills associated with speaking and writing in French, including understanding the grammar, pronunciation, and culture associated with the language. Major areas of focus in Grade 7 include vocabulary associated with School, Weather, People, and Holidays/Celebrations.

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