CTF Grade 7

Career & Technology Foundations & Fine Arts

Students are asked to select 6 courses. Of these 6, students will receive 4 for next year. ONLY French and Band are given priority, if students select these they will be enrolled in these courses.  All other courses are randomly placed in a students’ schedule by our scheduling program.  Note:  Band and French are full year and fill two spots each.  

These courses are offered based on student interest and teacher availability. 

Art 7 

Course Fee: $30

This course is designed for students to acquire a variety of approaches to recording visual information.  Students will develop techniques and skills that develop competence in creating compositions, application of different color mediums as well as plan out their images in order to learn proportion and spacing.  Students will select and apply line, value and texture in their work with both pencil and water-based mediums. 


Band (Instrumental Music) 7

Instrument Rental Fee: $100

Students will play either a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument throughout the year while exploring and improving skills and knowledge related to theoretical, historical, and technical aspects of music. Optional Field Trips with associated costs. 


CTF Human Services 7

This course is fun and well-balanced to prepare students for work and life beyond school. It will cover budgeting, investing, strategies to save money, passions/hobbies that students can share, strategies for marketing and advertising, as well as new crypto trends. Students will have the opportunity to discuss a variety of career paths and wellness strategies in order to maintain a balance with work and daily life. A variety of guest speakers will be invited to come and share their careers with students as well.


CTF Design Studies 7

Course Fee: $30

In Design studies, students will develop their skills in designing and building products in response to challenges. They will plan, create and test prototypes they produce using a 3D printer, laser cutter and robotic components.  Grade 7 students will primarily focus on learning the skills needed to effectively use the technology to create products while developing their understanding of design theory.


CTF Construction 7

Course Fee: $30

In Construction, students will develop their knowledge and skills in designing and building products. They will work through the design process in both collaborative and individual settings, while learning to use both traditional woodworking hand tools and machinery to bring their ideas to life.  Grade 7 will primarily focus on learning how to use the hand tools and machinery safely, while developing a strong foundation in the design process.


CTF Foods 7

Course Fee: $30        

In this course students will have the opportunity to work on their culinary skills in various ways. Students will have the opportunity to look at general healthy eating habits, menu design and preparing recipes based on altering for size needs. 


CTF Resources 7

Course Fee: $10 + Field Trips

Students will learn about the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.  Students will develop motivation and commitment to work towards the conservation and responsible use of air, energy, forests, land, water, and wildlife through experiential learning.


Drama 7

Course Fee: $10

This course is an exploration into acting. Students will learn how to read a play, build skills in memorizing lines, and learn acting techniques to develop meaningful characters. Students will build confidence in speaking in front of a live audience.  Theatre history will be examined and the important role it has had in societies all over the world. 


French as a Second Language 7

Students learn to understand and respond to oral and written language in French. Each class, students will learn and practice skills associated with speaking and writing in French, including understanding the grammar, pronunciation, and culture associated with the language. Major areas of focus in Grade 7 include vocabulary associated with School, Weather, People, and Holidays/Celebrations.


Leadership/ Service 7

Student leadership and service development is integral to developing positive school culture, that teaches students the power of collaborative teams, and that focuses on the betterment of communities. These leadership and service experiences help students to understand that leadership includes both the ability to lead and to follow. At the grade 7 level, students will explore the concepts and skills of leadership.


Music 7

This is a general music course in which students learn about and create music. Students will compose and record songs on iPads, create instrumental (djembe, ukulele, recorder) and vocal music, develop critical listening skills, and learn about music theory. This one-semester course is distinguished from Instrumental Music (Band) in that it is not as performance and instrument based. This is a great option for students who would like to do music but are not interested in Band, or for students in Band who would like extra music opportunities. 

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