CTF Grade 9

Career & Technology Foundations

Natural Resources 9:  The focus of Natural Resources is on the conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources. Students develop the motivation and commitment to work individually and collectively as private citizens and members of the workforce toward the conservation and responsible use of air, energy, forests, land, water and wildlife. This will be accomplished through environmental action projects, outdoor survival and wilderness activities, and field trips. As field trips are a part of this course we will plan on doing, but are not limited to, a kayaking, rock climbing, and overnight cross-country ski trip.  

Yearbook Class 9:  Students will be designing, creating, and marketing the Yearbook!  This course will allow students to follow their design from idea generation to completion.  Students will learn about the elements of design, related careers, page design and photography while creating the yearbook.  They will also have the opportunity to learn about marketing techniques and use them when selling the yearbooks.

Fashion and Textiles 9:  Students create their own path is this course.  Students create their own project such as a stuffed animal or pillow or buy a pattern to sew their own clothes such as PJ pants/shorts, tops, skirts, dresses or fleeces.  For students who prefer to knit, crochet or learn about other types of textiles, they explore various types of fabrics and ways to work with them. In this course students also work on costumes for the school main-stage theatre production.   

Politics and Debate 9:  This class will allow students to explore and debate political and social issues.  Students will research topics that interest them from multiple perspectives.  This course will give students the opportunity to enhance their communication skills and to gain the confidence needed to speak in front of others.  Students will engage in a series of activities that emphasize the development of persuasive arguments and effective delivery.  

Food 9:  In this primarily hands on class, students will explore basic baking and cooking skills. Students will explore different appetizers, mains and desserts. For a final project, students will have to create a cooking show or a how to video.

Applied Technology and Design 9:  This course is designed for students who like to work with their hands, like to build wood projects of their own design, and are you interested in how technology can be used to help make their ideas come to life.  Students create, learn new and important skills and collaborate with their peers.  

Advanced Drama 9 Part 1 (Semester 1):  Advanced Drama is to expand and deepen the students’ skills as actors. This course is for those extremely interested and highly motivated in the learning and performing of roles on stage. Students will expand their knowledge of accessing and create the building blocks of well-rounded characters using voice projection, physical traits and character background. In this semester students explore the ideas of “objective,” “tactics,” and “status”, “wants” and “needs” in building believable characters for the stage. Student will also explore the analysis, writing, and performance of monologues. Memorizing and performing in front of others of monologues and scenes is an expectation for this course.  Grade 8 drama marks will be considered as a prerequisite.  

Advanced Drama 9 Part 2 (Semester 2): Advanced Drama Part 2 is a continuation of Advanced Drama from Term 1 with a continual focus on acting skills.  Course Fee $10.  Grade 9 Advanced Drama part 1 Term 1 is a prerequisite. 

Technical theatre 9 (Semester 1) – performance PRFART:  Design is for students serious about learning, expanding, deepening their skills as artists in technical theatre design. In Semester 1 students will learn about lights, sound, makeup, and set design. As well, students will learn about script analysis through the lens of building set and props for a play. Students will also learn about stage properties and scenic flats as additional building blocks of design. Students have the choice to stay on in Semester 2 in Technical Theatre to apply their knowledge and skills to designing and building the set for the school’s Main Stage production and demonstrate their design knowledge and creativity. Student wanting to take this CTF course must be highly committed to working in collaborative team situations, self-motivated and highly responsible. Some work for this class may require after school time. Grade 8 technical theatre design marks will be taken into consideration as a prerequisite for Grade 9 Technical Theatre. Term 1 & 2 may be taken separately or combined for a yearlong course. 

Art 9: In these courses, students will expand their technical proficiency in the visual arts by demonstrating their skills in contour rendering, texture application as well as including lights and darks in their work.  The grade 8 and 9 courses differ in their project delivery and depth and breadth of concept exploration.   Students will demonstrate thoughtful decision making by creating compositions that include a background, middle ground, and foreground in addition to including overlapped and underlapped imagery in their work.  Projects will be more advanced and skills will be more specific between the grades.  Students will learn how to properly “frame” an image of their choice in order to draw or re-create the visual information in an attempt to plan their own artwork.  Students will also apply paint and color from various water based mediums in steps or multiple layers as they explore contrast, values, and detail. The ceramics or “craft” component to the course includes hand- building skills in clay such as attaching pieces properly, carving techniques, removing weight and weight distribution, meaningful uses for the work as well as glazing and firing processes.  With respect to the design component of the course, students utilize the design tools to create their own templates and motifs as well as learn how to balance, create space, differentiate between geometric and organic imagery as well as apply accurate measurements to their design work.

Instrumental Music (Band) 9Band is a full year course.  Students will play either a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument throughout the year while exploring and improving skills and knowledge related to theoretical, historical, and technical aspects of music.

French 9:  French is a full year course.  Students learn to understand and respond to oral and written language in French. Each class, students will learn and practice skills associated with speaking and writing in French, including understanding the grammar, pronunciation, and culture associated with the language. Major areas of focus in Grade 9 include vocabulary associated with Housing, Sports and Exercise, Community, and Holidays/Celebrations.  

Applied Tech with Theatre Design 9 (Semester 2):  The first part of this course is set production where students will apply their knowledge and skills to designing and building the set for the school’s Main Stage production and demonstrate their design knowledge and creativity. Student wanting to take this CTF course must be highly committed to working in collaborative team situations, self-motivated and highly responsible. Some work for this class may require after school time.  The second part of this course will be students working on individual projects using all the tools in the Applied Tech Lab to create a product or system that will benefit the world! 

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