Behaviour Policy 

Auburn Bay School is a vibrant and caring community of people who are committed to nurturing personal, behavioral, and academic excellence. The safety, dignity and positive spirit of our community are all valued and supported through clear, consistent expectations. The CBE Administrative Regulation 6005 - Student Code of Conduct, CBE Administrative Regulation 6006 - Progressive Student Discipline, and the Province of Alberta School Act  are used as our guiding documents. 

Behaviour Expectations 

Respect and cooperation are necessary for successful learning. Teachers and students will develop rules for the classroom, playground, and hallway designed to clarify appropriate behaviour choices.    We endeavour to create a school where all students feel safe and cared about.

Restitution is a process where students are supported in understanding their own behaviour choices that have resulted in a problem. Our goal is to teach children appropriate methods to recognize when their behaviour choices result in a problem, how to resolve the problem and how to restore themselves and their relationships to one of trust and safety. Communication with parents is our primary strategy for ensuring success at school. Should your child work with the school administration team on the restitution process, parents or guardians will be contacted.

If repeated or severe misconduct occurs, parents are contacted and consequences are developed in accordance with the CBE Administrative Regulation 6006 – Progressive Student Discipline. Please contact your child’s teacher at any time during the school year to discuss your child’s progress. During school hours, teachers are not available to the phone or to meetings as they are busy with your children.   

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