Parking & Drop-Off

Drop-Off and Pick-Up of Students

Please adhere to City traffic laws and traffic signs around the school when dropping off and picking up your child.  Drop off and pick up is often a congested time making it dangerous for children.  

The Staff Parking Lot is not intended for a drop off or pick up location.  Please do not use the parking lot. Please do not stop or park on Auburn Bay Avenue (in front of the school) as this is designated for our buses.

Staff Parking Lot 

Please note that the parking lot is not available for visitor/volunteer/parent parking. We ask that you refrain from parking in the parking lot. The parking lot is only accessible to CBE employees as staff members pay for the privilege of accessing assigned parking, and they arrive at various times throughout the day. 

For safety reasons, do not use the parking lot to drop-off or pick-up children.

After School Arrangements

Students are expected to leave the school and playground area immediately after dismissal to go home or to day-care.  Visiting a friend’s house or going somewhere else after school needs to be arranged once the child gets home after school.

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​​School Bus Safety at the CBE

School bus loading zones provide a safe area for students to embark and disembark the buses. Please do not drive into the school bus loading zone when you pick up or drop off your child.

Help teach your child to safely cross the street around school buses. Children should:

  • Stand back a safe distance from the bus

  • Wait until the bus leaves the stop

  • Walk to the closest intersection

  • Cross the street only when they have a clear view of traffic in both directions and it is safe to do so

The CBE and school bus carriers want to ensure your child's safety and make their experience on the bus a positive one.​​​