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​During a health emergency when access to school buildings is being limited for everyone's safety, please follow the Registration instructions outlined on the CBE website. 


Auburn Bay Kindergarten Registration 

Welcome to Auburn Bay School.  We are excited to begin another year of welcoming our youngest learners to Auburn Bay School!

Kindergarten registration opens on January 11, 2021.  Due to COVID-19 there is no face to face registration.  The registration process will be done via email.

Registration is NOT first come first served.  Everyone who submits a completed and verified registration form between January 11 and February 10 will be eligible for the kindergarten lottery.

In order to register your child the following documents are needed:

1.  Completed CBE Registration Form  (please indicate if your preference is a.m. or p.m.)

2. Original Proof of Birth (Birth Certificate, Passport, Permanent Residency Card etc) (photo or scan)

3. Original Proof of Residence of Parent / Legal Guardian primary residence.  Document must be issued within the past 90 days:  Power Bill, Child Tax Credit, Federal Tax Return, Property Taxes.  Rental agreements are only accepted with another proof of address.  (photo or scan)

4. Parents or Legal Guardians must register and the parent/legal guardian primary residence must be in Auburn Bay or Seton.  

We request that all required registration documents be emailed to in ONE file.  Sending documents separately could delay your registration.  Once a completed and verified registration has been received your child will be conditionally registered for the lottery.

Please see attached link with more information regarding registration with CBE schools and to get the registration form.

Once we have reviewed the documents and if we:

 1. Verify that the proof of address is within the school’s designated boundaries, is the primary residence of the parent / guardian,  the student is age appropriate for the school, and the person who completed the registration has the authority to do so, then the registration changes from conditionally registered to registered and will then be in the Lottery Process which will take place on February 10th, 2021.

2. Determine that the address is not within the school’s designated boundaries, is not the primary residence of the parent/guardian or that the student is not age appropriate for the school or the parent / legal guardian did not have the authority to complete the form, then the registration changes from conditionally registered to withdrawn. The school will direct the parent / legal guardian / independent student to the correct school or will explain what documentation is required.

Auburn Bay School is projected to be over capacity again.  The school will not be able to accommodate all students who live in Auburn Bay/Seton.  The CBE lottery process will determine which students will attend Auburn Bay School and which students will attend our overflow school Andrew Sibbald.

To be included in the lottery on Feb.10, 2021, all kindergarten registrations must be received by 12:00 noon on Feb.10, 2021.

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