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Registration Process During a Health Emergency

To register new students during the COVID-19 pandemic follow the steps outlined in Registration on the Calgary Board of Education website. Look on the Kindergarten to Grade 9 or High School Registration pages.

General Registration Information

If you have questions for our school, contact us for information.

It is not possible to register at the school on holidays and during the summer. During the summer break you can find more information and dates on our Back to School page.

Non-Canadian students have a different registration process: please see our Non-Canadian Students page for details.​

How to Register

Auburn Bay School is Over Capacity

Auburn Bay School is currently operating over capacity and is in a lottery situation.  Please visit our lottery page for information.  Additional information about our over-flow designation can be found here.

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) would like to remind parents and students that Auburn Bay School is currently over capacity and will not be able to accommodate all students who live in Auburn Bay and Seton for the 2020-2021 school year. Students who cannot be accommodated in Auburn Bay School will be overflowed to Andrew
Sibbald School. Andrew Sibbald School is located in the community of Lake Bonavista
at: 1711 Lake Bonavista Dr S.E.; phone 403-777-6830. The CBE lottery process is used to determine who attends Auburn Bay School and who is overflowed to Andrew Sibbald School.
Students living in Auburn Bay and Seton who are overflowed to Andrew Sibbald School will be placed on a call back list and if space becomes available they will be given an opportunity to transfer to the school. 

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