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Use these links to visit teacher and class blogs and keep up-to-date with all the learning going on at Auburn Bay School. 


Welcome Back Instagram
Candice Rauser@rauser_kinder
Megan Kemper@kemper_kinder

Grade 1

Welcome Back Instagram
Charlene Karpick@karpickgrade1
Jeff Butler@abaybutlergr1
Laura Johnson@mrs.johnsongrade1 
Laura Langmead@langmead.grade1 

Grade 2

Welcome Back Instagram
Leann Deisting@deisting.grade2
Molly Ramsden-Wood@rwandfriends 
Ali Miller@mrsmillergrade2 
Laurie Summerton@summerinsecond

Grade 3

Welcome Back Instagram
Sarah Dreger@dregers3rdgraders.2022 
Danielle Kowal@mskowalgr3 
Jordan Neiger@mrneigergrade3
Kristina Ashby-Winters@ashbywintersgr3 
Cheryl Cooper@coopergrade3 

Grade 4

Welcome Back Instagram
Casandra Harrold@mrsharroldgradefour 
Randall O'Connor@abcccoconnor 
Kyla Kenney @kenney.grade4 
Tasha Leibel@mrs.leibel_fabfours


Welcome Back Instagram
Amanda Knuppel @abaymusicwithmsk 


Welcome Back Instagram
Sharon Purcell @step.up.with.ees 
Stephanie Rees @ees_with_rees 

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