Learning Commons / Library

Auburn Bay School Learning Commons

At our school we do not have a library in the traditional sense but we do have a Learning Commons. The Learning Commons is an inclusive, flexible, learner-centered, space for collaboration, inquiry, imagination and play to expand and deepen learning. The learning commons promotes personalization, inquiry, and the integration of technology through the implementation of innovative curricular design and assessment.   The Learning Commons is print rich and regularly has new resources.   The print resources are intended to support the implementation of innovative curricular design.  Because teachers are the designers of such learning, teachers will access print resources for their students.  Once a teacher borrows a book, they can then decide how students will use the books in the classroom and Learning Commons and if they will permit the books to go home.   The Learning Commons print resources are not intended to be home reading books.  We have created a plan to support home reading and access home reading resources.  This includes: 

  • Accessing Calgary Public Library 
  • Monthly book orders 
  • Book fairs twice a year 
  • Classroom book collections 
  • Online reading resources

Volunteering in Our Learning Commons

We encourage parents who are able to volunteer in our learning commons. If you'd like to learn more, please see our Volunteer section.

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