All students are working towards learning how to behave in a caring manner towards each other at all times. We expect children to progressively learn how respect themselves, respect others and the school environment and to apply themselves diligently to their schoolwork. Students are expected to welcome, encourage and celebrate each other as per the  CBE Administrative Regulation 6005 Student Code of Conduct which outlines expectations for student conduct:

A focus for the TLC middle school program at Balmoral School is to create an environment where children feel safe and can learn in a risk-free manner. Students are encouraged to resolve issues that may occur by making use of the principals taught during character circle. The ultimate goal is to create students who are self-disciplined and reflective about their behavioral choices as well as the impact their conduct has on those around them.

Generally, the classroom teacher effectively handles student conduct concerns. We have a four-step approach when a teacher identifies that a student requires support in demonstrating the conduct expected of a TLC student. The last two steps require that the student complete a Citizen Check (example is included in the last page of this handbook) and parents will be contacted in either step 2 or 3. In the event that the teachers’ efforts are not successful then the 4th step is to notify administration who will follow up with the parent.

Student conduct requiring additional support from the Principal or Assistant Principal will be approached using the character education focus and referring always to the three pillars of the program. If there are serious concerns, the school administration will contact the parents. Serious cases will warrant suspension from regular school activities, and possible expulsion. These include hazing, illegal possession of drugs or alcohol, sexual harassment, carrying a concealed weapon, threats, conduct which endangers others, theft, assault, willful damage to property, extortion, tampering with fire alarms, and criminal activity.

How to Behave on the Bus

  • You are not alone on the bus – Watch your language.
  • The bus is not a garbage truck – Pick up after yourself.
  • The louder you talk, the louder everyone else talks – Keep the noise level down. 
  • If you have an assigned seat – Keep to your seat.
  • Instruments and backpacks should sit beside you or under the seat – Keep the isles clear.
  • Injuries happen when there is contact between students. Keep your hands to yourself.

Remember: School rules apply on the bus!
Show respect for everyone.

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Reminder | Don't forget your mask! Please make sure your child brings at least one mask to school each day. #WeAreCBE

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Snow & cooler temperatures are in the forecast for #yyc. This can make getting to and from school more challenging. Mare sure your children are prepared for all weather conditions. Check out our winter weather reminders: #yycbe #WeAreCBE

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Althea Adams has been acclaimed as the vice-chair of the CBE Board of Trustees for the 2020-21 school year #yycbe #WeAreCBE

Marilyn Dennis has been acclaimed as the chair of the CBE Board of Trustees for the 2020-21 school year #yycbe #WeAreCBE

Today’s Board of Trustees public meeting starts at noon at the Ed Centre. This will be followed by the annual organizational meeting at 3 pm for the election of 2020-21 officers & committee members. We invite you to stream both meetings online #yycbe

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