Dress Code

Balmoral Student Dress Code

  • Monday: Formal Uniform
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Informal Uniform
  • Friday:  Casual Day: No Uniform Required – Dress for the weather

In order to simplify uniform requirements on certain days, Balmoral students are required to wear the formal uniform attire if there happens to be an assembly or formal exam scheduled from Thursday to Friday (PAT). If the school week starts on a Tuesday, students wear the informal uniform. Likewise, in the case of a short week, where Friday is a non-instructional day, Thursday remains an informal uniform day and does no default to a casual Friday.


All students are required to have indoor and outdoor footwear. Please ensure that your child has non-marking running shoes for physical education (PE), as well as black shoes for inside footwear. Black shoes for regular wear during classroom time can be any type of shoe, in any style. The only stipulation is that they must be black, as part of the uniform requirements. It would be advisable that these school shoes remain in the locker and that students arrive in ‘outdoor shoes or boots’ and then change daily into their regular black shoes upon arrival. There is no need for students to wear dress shoes with their Monday formal uniform. Their running shoes for daily PE classes can be any color or style and are to be left at school in their locker to be accessible for PE.

Casual Days

On Casual Days, when celebrating something special, students will have the option to wear a specific colour of t-shirt or casual clothing.  

Note: Questionable slogans on shirts and torn clothing are not acceptable. Hats and sunglasses are not to be worn inside the school.

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