Balmoral Busing Procedures

The CBE has contracted with Southland to provide bussing for eligible students and the congregated stops that serve students attending Balmoral are posted at Find My Bus Route.

Delays of more than 10 minutes are posted on, or you can call Southland Transportation at 403-287-1335. Balmoral School does not have live information as to where the buses are, nor are we able to provide information if the bus is late picking up students or at the end of the day.

If the school bus does not arrive in the morning it is helpful if parents, ensure there is a have a back-up plan and share it with your child. Your plan may include possibilities like carpooling with neighbors or dropping and picking up your children at school. We understand that these options are not possible for everyone and encourage you to develop a plan that is suitable to your family situation. Ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and is not left alone at the bus stop.

Students are not permitted to ride a bus, other than their designated bus, without written consent from both parents and a bus supervisor.

Bus Rules/ Expectations

  1. Be at your stop at least 5 minutes in advance of pick up time
  2. Stay seated (facing forward)
  3. No food, gum, or drink (except water)
  4. Talk quietly
  5. Use appropriate language at all times
  6. No rough housing or harassment between students
  7. Obey the driver (this includes remaining in assigned seats if the driver has designated spots)

Riding the bus is a privilege and students who do not comply with the bus expectations may find themselves suspended from riding the bus and parents will have to find alternative ways of getting their children to school.

Morning Procedures

Buses will drop students off on 18th Ave NW each morning. Adult supervisors from the school will be present starting at 7:45AM. All students are to exit their bus and go directly to their lockers. Once the 7:55AM bell has rung, students may proceed to their classrooms.

Students that do not take the bus to school must wait outside until 7:45AM before entering the building. Parents need to be aware that there is no supervision on school grounds prior to 7:45AM. Balmoral does not have a before or after school care program so parents are responsible to supervise their children until 10 minutes before the start of the school day. As such, please do not drop your child off before 7:45AM expecting that they will go right inside the school. This is especially important on cold days as the school doors are locked until 7:45AM.

Afternoon Procedures

Buses will be lined up along 2nd Street and 18th Ave NW shortly after dismissal Monday to Friday. Buses depart the school as soon as loading is complete, and it is safe to proceed--usually 10 minutes after dismissal. Students who do not take the bus are to be pick up by parents no later than 2:45PM. There is no supervision of students inside the school or on the grounds after this time. Students who are registered for after school activities and clubs must have submitted a signed permission form for the specific activity and the teacher supervises them until the scheduled activity end time. Siblings that are not registered in the extracurricular activity must depart at the regular end of day dismissal time, as they are not permitted to be in the building unsupervised.

Student Conduct on the Bus

Unsafe or unacceptable student behavior of students is generally the bus driver’s responsibility as determined by the service provider protocol. Details of how student misconduct is handled is addressed on pages 8-9 in the 
Student Transportation Guide.

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