Our school offers options to suit our students’ unique learning needs, interests and abilities. All of our courses follow the Alberta Programs of Study. 

Course Options

Balmoral TLC Grade 7-9 Option Classes for 2019-2020

As per the requirement of the TLC Program, All Grade 7-9 students must select at least one full year-long music course and a French class option.

Music Option

Your teen may participate between either or Instrumental Band, Chamber Ensemble Jazz 

Band or Classical Guitar

In each of these programs, they will develop as a performer, listener, consumer and composer as they strive for musical excellence and explore various styles of music. Balmoral’s Music Program students participate in a variety of performance, workshop, and concert experiences throughout the school year. These opportunities include two event performances at the Jubilee Auditorium (January & June) rehearsals with guest conductors, clinics with instrumental specialists, and attendance at either an amateur or professional music concert. At Balmoral, we offer students the choice of one full year (SeptJune) from the four music class options below. A minimum of 25 students are required offer each course. 

Instrumental Band

Students will study and perform the finest repertoire in band literature  featuring many historical and contemporary styles. Students will broaden their theoretical  knowledge as well as technical skills through numerous activities, performance projects, playing tests, and written assignments, and then apply this knowledge to their ability to play the: Flute, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba, String Bass, or Bass guitar Drums/Percussion.

Jazz Band

This band is an exceptional ensemble with traditional “Big Band” instrumentation,  performing the finest jazz repertory. This ensemble may perform at a variety of functions during the school year as well as in the two evening concerts at the Jubilee. Enrollment is open to all students who play the Trumpet, Trombone, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones, Drum set (must have a drum set at home), Double Bass, Piano and the electric guitar. Balmoral has three electric guitars and four stand up Double Bass’s for student use at school. If students wish to practice these instruments at home, parents are responsible to arrange for private rental. 

Chamber Ensemble

This new 2019-2020 music option combines strings, woodwinds, brass,  and percussion to play full orchestra music. Students will explore all genres from baroque and classical selections to contemporary movie scores. This special ensemble provides a valuable opportunity for woodwind, brass and percussionists to develop more independence in their
playing and to expand their exposure to different repertoire. This ensemble emphasizes positive mentorship, and less experienced players will find the challenge of the repertoire to be supported by more experienced musicians as they work to match the level of our orchestra. The Chamber Ensemble is open to students who either play, or are interested in playing the Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet and Trombone. Balmoral School has eight Violin’s available to rent and several Double Bass instruments for students to play at school only. Those interested in playing the Viola, Cello or the Double Bass must arrange for a private rental. 

Classical Guitar

Beginner guitar is a non-instrumental course that offers beginner and novice players the chance to learn a string instrument and play in a fun, non-competitive environment. This course is open to the entire student population from grades 7-9. This course starts out with the basics and no previous musical experience is required. Please note that if classical guitar is selected in grade 7 or 8 then the student will remain in classical guitar in subsequent years while
attending Balmoral TLC. Our classical guitar option does not qualify for the CBE instrument rental pool; therefore, guitars must remain at school. Parents whose children are in the Classical Guitar Music Option are not charged the $100 CBE instrument fee, however if they would like their child to practice at home then this is must be arranged privately. Students who may wish to take band class as an option in high school must select either instrumental band, jazz band or the Chamber Ensemble. Students in the classical guitar option perform as part of the two evening concerts at the Jubilee Auditorium in January and June. 

All Grade 7-9 TLC students must select either full- or half-year French Option 

French as a Second Language (FSL)

Languages open the door to other cultures and other ways of seeing the world. Additional Languages may give Canadians a career advantage in a global economy and expand personal horizons. FSL offers students a formal classroom environment for learning French through creative and innovative lessons. To complement our classroom work, students will have opportunities for hands-on learning, presentations, clubs, camps, debates and field trips. The focus in the half-year French option course will primarily be on speaking and listening skills, while the full-year (advanced French) will delve into all four strands of language competency: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Please be advised that students may select half year French for this coming school year (2019-2020) and then opt to choose full-year French in 2020/2021 if they so choose. At Balmoral, we offer two FSL choices: 

Full-Year Advanced French

This course is designed based on the premise that students wish to continue to learn French in high school. Themes to be covered include; friends, fashion, social life, outdoor activities, clubs, shopping, expressing feeling and opinions. Verb tenses (grade level dependent) will include present, past, and future (immediate and simple). The use of the past tenses will taught in this course. Also introduced: comparative and superlative of adjectives and adverbs, and pronominal verbs. Students will also use technology as an effective tool in their learning and research on culture.

Half-Year Basic French

This course is designed based on premise that students are learning French for the purpose of basic communication and understanding of French. Verb tenses (grade level dependent) will include present, past and future. Themes to be covered include the following: school, people, weather, celebrations, clothing, food, housing, daily and leisure activities, trades, professions, and family. Students will also use technology as an effective tool in their learning and research on culture.

Career Technology Foundation (CTF) Options*

Your career begins with the choices you make early in life. Through Career Technology Foundations (CTF), students explore their interests and passions as they learn about various career possibilities and occupational areas. Challenges or tasks provide students with an opportunity to develop critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills. Handson learning helps students develop skills and knowledge and use technologies associated with various occupational areas. CTF provides a foundation for students that may to transition into Career and Technology Studies or Options in high school. At Balmoral, we offer a variety of half-year technology choices for students:

Computing Science (Coding)

Students experiment with basic programming concepts using Python coding program. They will create simple algorithms, programs that input, process, and output data, create and use basic data types, control program flow and use basic looping structures. Upon completing the course, they will have created their own simple computer game. 

Electro-Technologies (Robotics)

Students apply the fundamentals of robotics systems and basic robotics functions. Students demonstrate how basic sensors are used in a robotic system. This course requires extensive hands-on by the students and a love for Lego. 

Communications Technology (Photography)

Students will gain knowledge and experience in the areas of photography, image editing and the artistic aspect to photography. Students will be using Canon EOS Rebel T6 digital cameras with 18-55mm lenses for production work. In addition, industry-standard computers and software packages (Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection) will allow students to enhance their photography projects.


Students are introduced to various practices for preparing material for exciting creative projects in our specialized construction lab at Balmoral. Safety is emphasized in practical usage of hand and power tool. Hands-on shop work is the emphasis of the small and large projects students will complete in this course.

Fine Art Options*

Our junior high students have several different course choices to learn ways to express how they feel, to think artistically and to value the importance of fine arts. The Visual and Performing Arts Courses at Balmoral are designed to give students an enriched experience in one of the following disciplines: 

Visual Art

Art 7, 8, & 9 are a series of courses unified by general goals that focus on the two-dimensional aspects of visual art. Drawing, painting, and printmaking are the primary areas of study, combined with a focus on the achievements of artists across historical periods and cultures. Students with be taught by a trained art teacher to work with a rich variety of means and materials in order to grow as painters and expand their repertoire of visual experiences.


The Drama classes at Balmoral provides learning opportunities for students to participate and develop theatre skills vital to performance, rehearsal and critique. Drama is an art form and a way in which people learn, perform and grow. Students will participate in activities that will engage and enhance personal growth. Students will become performers with a focus on respect for others, self-control and commitment.


Students will develop technical skills necessary to create, perform and analyze dance and are encouraged to find personal expression and creative voice. Led by experienced professional dance teacher, guest artists and choreographers, students will cover a broad range of dance styles and genres. Families may be required to purchase dance specific footwear for this option. 

Performing Arts

All Balmoral Performing Arts students are involved in at least one major production every school year. In this course, students are given the opportunity to participate as a performer in our annual Spring Musical. Production work requires commitment to an extended school schedule as rehearsals, after the regular school day and performances are in the evenings.

Applied Tech and Design

This hands-on course has project work that focused on the three-dimensional aspects of visual art. Sculpture, ceramics, jewelry making, and other artisan crafts are the primary areas of study. Students will create unique pieces for personal use or gift giving in order to express themselves and to convey gratitude or other emotion. New in 2019-2020, this option will be taught by a teacher who is specialized in this type of course delivery. 

Other Course Options*

Fashion Studies

This course is the starting place to develop practical skills necessary to create, construct and analyze fashion design and are encouraged to find personal expression and creative voice through their project work. Students will enhance their understanding of the key elements and principles of color and design. This course provides opportunities for students to increase their knowledge of the fashion industry, as well as contributing to the acquisition of important daily living skills.

Food Studies

One of the most important life skills a student can learn is how to cook and eat well. In Foods class, students will gain knowledge and experience in all aspects of food and its relationship to health, values and lifestyle. Students will have the opportunity to cook and eat the food prepared in our beautiful and modern foods classroom at Balmoral. 

Student Leadership

All students are welcome to join our Leadership option that we call ‘Balmoral Heroes’. By helping to build a positive and fun school community, while developing their leadership abilities, students in this option will plan a variety of engaging activities connected to the values of the TLC program. Those registered in this option will automatically be members of the Principal’s Student Advisory Board and provided with many opportunities to provide input and direction to Balmoral’s administration. 

Technical Theatre

The Technical Theatre Program is a practical learning experience that provides hands-on opportunities for students interested in development of skills, knowledge and experience in the technical side of the theatrical world. The experiences and skills developed in this program are directly transferrable to post-secondary technical theatre programs as well as preparation for exploration of technical work in broadcasting, stage and multi-media.

*Please note, options classes require 25 interested students to be scheduled* 

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