Our Staff

Administration 2022-2023

T. Tallerico | Principal  

C. Gainor | Acting Assistant Principal

T. Holmgren | Learning Leader

N. BelcherLearning Leader

C. Shuya | Learning Leader

Battalion Park Twitter - @BPSHawks

Teaching Staff 2022-2023

Grade / Subject
Staff Member
Kindergarten Twitter


N. Blecher (Learning Leader)
T. Holmgren (Learning Leader)
Enhanced Educational Supports (EES)Twitter


M. Lim 
K. Nguyen
Grade 1 Twitter


C. Anderson
G. Heer
J. Kalmakoff
Grade 2 Twitter


J. George
C. Patrick
J. Tuttle
Grade 3 Twitter


G. Peyman
H. Kounougeris
E. Polychroniadou
Grade 4 Twitter


C. Shuya
J. Thompson
J. Robinson
Grade 5 Twitter
D. Hamilton
W. Tang
A. Quraishi
Grade 6 Twitter


N. Pedersen
H. Moir
D. Fielder
Music Twitter
C. Whitehead
Physical Education Twitter


K. Lachapelle
Literacy and NumeracyS. Moren

Support Staff 2022-2023

Staff Member

Administrative Secretary 

J. Tom

School Secretary 

L. Tibrea

Library Assistant L. Simon
Education AssistantsS. Saeed
J. Ellwood (EES)
S. Green (EES)
R. Javed
M. Vyskocilova (EES)
B. Sohaib (EES)
T. Van Ballegooie (ELL)
J. Steele
K. Bromley

LunchroomB. Clark – Lead 
l. Rusiti
L. Colpitts (EES)
L. Lee (EES)
F. Hale 
L. Safarian-Tousi
L. Tibrea
Facility OperationsFacility Operator - A. Melke
Supports and ServicesOccupational Therapist - E. Novak
Physiotherapist - N. Hoover
EES/K Speech Language Pathologist - A. Sandau
Early Learning Strategist - 
Complex Needs Strategist - 
School Health Nurse - 

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