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Engage on Draft K-6 Social Studies Curriculum
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September 14 New Playground Meeting
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September 14 School Council Annual General Meeting
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School Council Apple Fundraiser
  • Engage on Draft K-6 Social Studies Curriculum

  • September 14 New Playground Meeting

  • September 14 School Council Annual General Meeting

  • School Council Apple Fundraiser

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Our School

In September 2007, Battalion Park opened its new core school and became a two-building campus. Hence the theme “two buildings with one heart” grew as staff and students worked purposefully to stay connected to each other. Building a sense of community and pride in our school continues to be an important aspect of our school culture to this day. 
Our school is characterized by:
A thoughtful focus on the development of [...]

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Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2023-24 School Year!

Welcome Battalion Park Hawks Families! We hope you enjoyed a summer full of fun, had the chance connect with family and friends and your transition back to school has been a smooth one.
It has been a busy start up for us this year. We have had an increase in student registration across all grade levels over the summer. We have added one additional class of Grade 2 students since we tentatively organized at the end of June to accommodate for the growth. While other grades are also increasing in the number of students registered, we do not have immediate plans to add another class.
At this time, our faculty includes:
Mrs. Tallerico – Principal
Mrs. Wilson – Assistant Principal
Office Staff
Ms. Tom – Administrative Assistant
Ms. Tibrea – Secretary
Kindergarten – two morning classes and one afternoon class
Mrs. Holmgren
Mrs. Merritt
Grade 1
Ms. Anderson
Mrs. Heer
Ms. Nguyen
Grade 2
Ms. Brbot
Ms. Polychroniadou
Mrs. Tuttle
Mrs. Van Dijk-George
Grade 3
Ms. Hamilton
Ms. Peyman
Mrs. Sewart
Grade 4
Ms. Pitre
Ms. Shuya
Mrs. Thompson
Grade 5
Ms. Bounds
Mr. Fielder
Ms. Tang
Grade 6
Mr. Knoll
Mrs. Moir
Mrs. Robinson
Enhanced Educational Support (EES) classes
Ms. Geib
Ms. Lim
Ms. Ho (currently on leave)
Physical Education
Mr. Buono
Mrs. Lachapelle
Mrs. Gainor
Education Assistants
Ms. Ellwood
Ms. Green
Ms. Javed
Ms. Saeed
Ms. Sohaib
Mrs. Van Ballegooie
Library Assistant
Mrs. Simon
Lunch Supervisors
Ms. Clark – Lead
Ms. Colpitts
Ms. Gacayan
Mrs. Hale
Mrs. Lee
Ms. Prieto
Ms. Rusiti
Ms. Safarian
Facility Operator
Mr. Gebreyesus
Ms. Kahin
School Organization
Battalion Park School is organized across two campuses. The main building (also known as the Core) and the modular building (also known as the Mini). All students move between both buildings as we have our Physical Education classes and Learning Commons/Library located in the Core and our Music program and Maker Space classroom located in the Mini. Both spaces have an office however we ask families to come to the Core office for any school-related business.
Our website and SchoolMessenger are the primary methods of communication. All CBE school websites are designed in the same way, so you will find school-related information in the same place no matter what school your child attends. At Battalion Park, all teachers send out a weekly email each Friday at 5:00PM with information specific to what your child will be learning in the week ahead as well as any important information caregivers may need to know. This information can provide you with a glimpse into the daily work occurring in class as well as help you support your child in their learning. The office will also send out a weekly email with information that is pertinent school-wide as well as provide a reminder of important dates ahead. This information will also be available on our website.
Parents as Partners
Your partnership in your child's education is very important to us and vital to your child's success. We have our first Parent Teacher Conferences on September 21 and 22. Please note these dates in your calendar and plan to attend as these conferences provide the opportunity to meet with your child's teacher to begin that productive partnership.
School Council and the Signal Hill School Enhancement Society (SHSES)
We have a very active School Council and School Enhancement Society. These two parent-led groups provide opportunities to learn more about what goes on within the school, the school board, provide feedback to the school, provide program enhancements for students and plan events that build community for students and their families and caregivers. They hold 7 – 8 meetings in the early evening over the course of the year. The first meeting of the year will be September 14 and is the Annual General Meeting. These meetings are held in a blended format of in-person and online to accommodate the variety of schedules and commitments. We encourage you to join us whenever you can!
We are always looking for volunteers to support student learning, help out with field trips and community building activities. To participate you must have completed a Police Information Check. Please drop by the main office with a valid government piece of identification to initiate this process.
All spots in the staff parking lot are reserved. Please do not pull into or park in the parking lot to drop-off or pick-up children for school, for the before and after school program or when you are coming to the office on school business. Staff arrive at a variety of times, as well as come and go throughout the day and cars stopped or parked in their assigned spots impede people from checking in for work in a timely manner.
In addition, Battalion Park is a bus receiver school. We currently have 9 buses/vehicles that drop-off and pick-up children each day. The front of the school is reserved for these buses/vehicles. Please refrain from stopping or parking in the marked areas from the entry to the staff parking lot all the way to the mailbox zone just past the Core school entrance as we need this space to accommodate all of our buses/vehicles and ensure a safe drop-off and pick-up for all of our children.
Street Safety
Your child's safety is of paramount importance to us. We are a very busy place at the beginning of the school day and at dismissal. We request that students and their caregivers cross the road at the marked crosswalks. We realize that the crosswalks are not directly across from the Core building however we appreciate the effort caregivers make to help us teach and reinforce the rules to safely cross the road. We would much rather welcome your child to school a few minutes late rather than risk an incident occurring as a result of not crossing at the crosswalk.
We are looking forward to a terrific year ahead!
Warm Regards,
Trudi Tallerico ​

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