Classes & Departments

Teaching Staff 2021-2022

Grade / Subject
Staff Member
KindergartenM. Romaines (Learning Leader)
S. Moren
Enhanced Educational Supports (EES)M. Lim (Learning Leader)
K. Nguyen
Grade 1  J. George
G. Heer
Grade 2G. Peyman
C. Patrick
J. Tuttle
Grade 3N. Belcher (Learning Leader)
H. Kounougeris
C. Anderson
Grade 4C. Shuya
J. Thompson
C. Bergman
Grade 5C. Asmundson
A. Gulewicz
Grade 6K. Sirup (Learning Leader)
H. Moir
Specialist Teachers
- Music
- P.E. 

E. Smith
J. Boothman

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Here we go!!! # BPSHAWKSROCK

Battalion Park School is committed to working with local Indigenous Elders to build our students' and staffs' knowledge and understanding of Indigenous Ways of Knowing. #TRCCallsToAction #WeAreCBE @yyCBEdu @Indigenous_cbe

#everychildmatters at Battalion Park School. #WeAreCBE

#everychildmatters at Battalion Park School! #WeAreCBE