Progressive Student Discipline

What do students do?

  • Peer Mediation
  • Adult supervisors
  • Teacher


Community liaison officers (police officers) who are part of the S4 program are available to support students in the school with ongoing unresolved issues. They have also assisted teachers in the provision of lessons that support our pillars of care. Should the need arise, they are available to work with individual students.


Conflict is a natural product of human interaction. At Beddington Heights School students from age 5-12 are learning how to work together and sometimes resolve differences in healthy and productive ways. Students are encouraged to try to avoid arguments or getting into problems or disagreements. However, when conflict occurs, students need to handle it in the right way. Students are encouraged to think about Respect, Caring, and Responsibility when dealing with other people, and especially when managing conflict. Beddington Heights is looking to continue a restorative justice club
(Peer Mediation Club) for leadership students who wish to further develop problem solving skills.

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