The Incredible 5-Point Scale

We use the Incredible 5-Point Scale to help with social skills and emotional self-regulation. The scale is flexible to each child and works in a number of diverse situations. The idea is to have a common language and approach throughout the school. 

The objective of the 5-Point Scale is to teach social and emotional awareness in a concrete, systematic and strength based way. Everyone is different so the 5-point scale is different for every child. It is important to remember that the scale is a teaching tool. We use the 5 point scale in a number of different situations (e.g. voice volume, tone of voice, worrying, emotions, anger). An example of how the scale might be used with regards to emotional self-regulation is described below:

  • Level 1 and 2 are optimal states for learning. It is our happy place. At level 1 and 2 we see engagement in learning and fun!
  • Level 3 is when we might be frustrated and need to solve a problem. We are still able to think critically and recognizing good choices. It is important at Level 3 to choose a strategy that will allow us to return to Level 1 or 2.
  • Level 4 or 5 when we are upset or angry we tend to be at Level 4 or Level 5. We know that when students are very upset that they are not able to problem solve. Literally, the problem solving areas of the brain are off line. At these levels an adult makes a choice for the student with the aim of allowing the student to come back to a level where good choices are possible.

If you have questions about the Incredible 5 Point Scale and how we use this language at Belfast School talk to your child's teacher. 

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