Personal Belongings

Lost & Found

The Lost and Found is located at the far end of the main hallway. Periodically, items not claimed from the lost and found are given to local charities or discarded.

Personal Devices & Cell Phones

During classes, students must turn the power off on cellular telephones while in class. Students are not permitted to make or receive telephone calls, or to send or receive text messages during class, except with the special permission of their teacher. Students who wish to use their cellular telephones to listen to music during class time will do so only after receiving the permission of their teacher. Students must always follow any teacher restrictions.

Use of Electronic Devices During Free Time

We encourage physical activity and social interactions during recess and lunch times. Electronic devices (including cell phones, iPods, tablets and video games) should only be used for learning purposes at school. This means that students may only use electronic devices during these unstructured times to work on projects as agreed upon with their teacher. 

If there are exceptions because of individual student needs these exceptions will be handled on an individual basis. Students who are using internet capable devices must always be supervised by an adult while using these devices at school. Students may not use personal devices to access social media platforms during unstructured times. 

Any teacher who finds a student using an electronic device in contravention of this rule will confiscate the device in accordance with CBE policy.

Personal Property

Please make sure your child has indoor shoes and a backpack is advisable. For hygiene reasons, we also recommend that students bring a personal set of head phones or ear buds in a zip lock bag. If you require a backpack or school supplies for home please let the office know. We have a number of backpacks which are donated each year.

Electronics & Valuables

Students are strongly discouraged from bringing any personal belongings to school that are not directly necessary for their studies. In particular, cellular telephones, Nintendo DS, IPods and cameras are often lost by students and can be tempting targets. The school expresses no responsibility to conduct an investigation of circumstances surrounding these losses. In bringing non-essential personal property to school, students and parents accept all the associated risks.

Confiscated Materials

In accordance with CBE Administrative Regulation 6014 – Student Searches, school staff who find a student’s use or possession of an item to be interfering with instruction or with the safe and orderly conduct of school, may confiscate the item. This includes cell phones and tablets. Confiscated items will be turned into the office and be available to the owner or their parent at the end of the school day

Bicycles, Rollerblades, Skateboards & Scooters

Children who ride bikes to school park them at their own risk. Bicycles must be kept locked on the bike racks provided and are not to be ridden on the school grounds. Children are encouraged to wear helmets, as it is the law. Helmets should be stored in their classrooms on their coat hooks throughout the day. As per posted CBE signage, rollerblades, scooters and skateboards are not allowed to be used on school grounds.

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